The European Parliament adopts the Nature Restoration Law

  • 2023

The new law is an ‘important step toward creating an implementing legislative framework to support the ambitious #GlobalBiodiversityFramework to address the current climate and ecological crisis.

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On June 17 2024, the Nature Restoration Law was officially adopted. The law's final text confirms the planned targets: to restore at least 20 per cent of Europe's marine and terrestrial territory by 2030 and all endangered habitats by 2050.

Deforestation: consequences, causes and remedies of a global challenge

  • 2024

Indiscriminate and unregulated logging causes severe damage to biodiversity, climate and human health. Deforestation not only results in the loss of habitat for millions of species but also adversely affects the environment by changing hydrological cycles, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, and destroying ecosystems.

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Indiscriminate logging causes severe damage to biodiversity, climate and human health.

Reforestation: strategies, benefits, and actions to be taken

  • 2024

La riforestazione è il termine più comunemente usato per indicare l’impianto di alberi, ma non sempre è il più corretto. Quando si parla di piantare nuovi alberi, c’è un termine più generico e più appropriato che dovrebbe essere utilizzato: forestazione.

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A guide to reforestation: how it is done, what benefits it generates, and some projects in Italy and around the world

Etifor meets the world of sustainable tourism in Stockholm GSTC Conference 2024

  • 23-26.04.2023

From April 23 to 26, we were in Sweden, where we attended the annual Global Sustainable Tourism Council conference. This edition’s central theme was “Purposeful Travel,” a valuable opportunity to discuss the challenges and solutions of sustainable tourism.

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The GSTC 2024 Conference took place from April 23 to 26 in Stockholm. Over 500 attendees from 50 countries attended the event, and numerous individuals joined the panels remotely. This edition's main topic has been "Purposeful Travel". Our sustainable tourism experts actively engaged in the conference, employing this valuable opportunity to share, learn,

The Role of Nature-Based Solutions in Responsible Corporate Climate Strategies

  • 2024

What does compensation mean, and what role does it play in corporate impact reduction pathways? What are the most suitable approaches and tools?  A short guide to help companies understand how to credibly, effectively, and responsibly integrate nature-based solutions into their climate and nature-positive strategies. 

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How to integrate nature-based solutions into their climate and nature-positive strategies.

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