We are an international consulting firm, spin-off of the University of Padova, that aims to restore the balance between people and nature. 

We support public and private organizations that want to make sustainable choices and adopt innovative nature-based solutions to improve the socio-economic and environmental performances of policies, projects and investments.

In all our services we guarantee quality and long-term sustainability through the three pillars that define our work: science, innovation and governance.

Supporting who wants to make responsible choices and adopt innovative nature-based solutions to improve policies, projects and investments.

Our areas of expertise range from forestry supply chains to regenerative tourism to maximise positive impacts on nature and people.


Technical assistance service for proposals “BioClima”

Regione Lombardia grants non-repayable capital funding to the managing bodies of protected areas and Natura 2000 sites and to public administrations for the realization of interventions of biodiversity conservation, adaptation to climate change and enhancement of ecosystem services of forests, protected areas and ecological networks in Lombardy, through the involvement of the private sector.

Do you want to contribute to a nature positive future?

Climate change is only one of the pressures driving the nature crisis. We must adopt an integrated approach to also address changes in land, freshwater and marine use, direct exploitation of natural resources, pollution, invasive alien species, biological disturbances, and other key drivers of nature loss.

Certify the sustainability of your destination

Thanks to us, you can get your tourist destination GSTC certified and optimise some of its core elements: governance, management and marketing.

Why investing in forests?

We provide advisory services to support investors throughout the investment process and management of the forest investment portfolio.

Find out how to enhance natural areas

Our territory has enormous environmental resources and is rich in natural areas that provide important ecosystem services to the population. The management of protected areas and natural resources is a complex subject. We therefore aim to tackle it with an interdisciplinary approach that is able to respond to institutional, technical and economic demands. An approach called GRAN.

zero deforestation

Regenerate your supply chain with EMMA

The main cause of deforestation in tropical countries is the expansion of agricultural areas. Find out how we help our partners to comply with the European Zero Deforestation Regulation (EUDR) which will oblige companies to make their supply chains safer and more traceable.


Biodiversity Credits

  • 2023

Biodiversity credits, which involve the creation and sale of units for positive biodiversity outcomes, can be an effective economic instrument. Find out more by reading our article


A new tool for financing biodiversity conservation

Invasive alien species: what the IPBES report says

  • 2023

L’Intergovernmental Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) ha pubblicato a settembre un importante report dedicato alle specie aliene invasive intitolato “Assessment Report on Invasive Alien Species and their Control”. 

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Invasive alien species threaten biodiversity, ecosystem services, health and people's quality of life.

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