Do you want to become a climate positive company?

Discover the MARC approach, designed to accompany people and organisations along a path of environmental and social responsibility, a path that is not always easy and requires commitment and dedication.

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Certify the sustainability of your destination

Thanks to us, you can get your tourist destination GSTC certified and optimise some of its core elements: governance, management and marketing.

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Why investing in forests?

We provide advisory services to support investors throughout the investment process and management of the forest investment portfolio.

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Find out how to enhance natural areas

Our territory has enormous environmental resources and is rich in natural areas that provide important ecosystem services to the population. The management of protected areas and natural resources is a complex subject. We therefore aim to tackle it with an interdisciplinary approach that is able to respond to institutional, technical and economic demands. An approach called GRAN.

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REXUS Project

  • 2021 2024

REXUS is an innovative and experimental project that, through a multitude of approaches, aims to improve the understanding of the Nexus interactions between Water, Energy, Food and Climate (WEFC) as a framework for resource security and sustainable development.

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Understanding of the Nexus interactions between Water, Energy, Food and Climate

Social innovation

  • 2021
  • Social innovation
  • Local development
  • 2021
  • B.Sless; C.Burlando; E.Pisani; L.Secco; N.Polman

This paper explores the contested concept of social innovation by using the ideas of discourse and framing as a lens to explore the contested definitions of social innovation.


A preliminary exploration of a contested concept

The calls of the new LIFE programme are open

  • 2021

This article aims to make clearer the organization of the new LIFE Programme in order not to get lost and find more easily all the countless Calls for Proposal, given its new structure.

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LIFE 2021 calls are finally available!

An FAO guide to forest–water management

  • 2021

The purpose of “A guide to Forest–Water Management” is to improve the global information base on the protective functions of forests for soil and water. Find out more.

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Monitoring, management and valuation of forest-water interactions
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