Forest Management Auditing Certification of Forest Products and Services

  • 2018

Forest managers, auditors and project developers require a new range of skills: this book, co-editing by Etifor, outlines the market-based tools that are required by such professionals to ensure corporate social responsibility in the forestry sector.

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It is difficult to find products or services in the market that are not defined as sustainable. But what makes a product or a service really sustainable? A good reference standard and a serious and independent system of control (audit). Lucio Brotto (Etifor Srl) and Davide Pettenella (University of Padova) as editors, and the rest of the contributing authors, were able to produce this new book that addresses the subject giving a complete and update picture of the standards and certification systems implemented in the forestry sector. Beginning with a market and policy analysis, the book fosters a deeper understanding of standards, methodologies and auditing techniques. The certification process is described within the general framework of the market-based tools available in the forestry sector. The book shows how a mutual learning process between established forest certification processes and innovative markets is needed. It addresses key topics such as High Conservation Value (HCV) approaches, the role of independent certification versus due diligence process, the new development connected to environmental services certification. Numerous case studies are included from a wide range of contexts, including both temperate and tropical forests in developed and developing countries. This publication is an effective way to think about the state-of-the-art of Forest Management Auditing and help new professionals through the many and complex options in this area. BUY NOW A 20% discount code is available for this book. CONTACT US for more information  

Forests for Health and Wellbeing PhD Research Project

  • 2017 2020

This PhD research project, financed by Etifor, is focused on alternative uses of forests (non-productive uses) and especially the ones aimed at increasing level of health and wellbeing of people and communities.

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A study on forests' contribution to human health

Communications Strategy Thailand’s REDD+ Programme

  • 2019 2020

This project “Development of a Communication Strategy and Assessing Information and Media Products for Thailand’s REDD+ Programme” support the Department of National Parks of the Royal Thai Government (RTG) in developing its REDD+ Strategy so that it is technically sound and environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as in compliance with World Bank safeguards policies.

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Reducing Emissions from Deforestation

Green4C Green for care

  • 2020 2022
  • Green4C Green for care
  • Responsible management
  • ItalyRomaniaIrelandNetherlandsAustria
  • European Commission

The project aims at increasing Europe’s innovation capacity among universities and businesses to promote green and natural approaches to health and social care

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The project aims at increasing Europe’s innovation capacity among universities and businesses to promote green and natural approaches to health and social care

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