In today’s context of climate, environmental, and socio-economic crisis, knowing and measuring the economic, social, environmental, and governance impacts generated by our activities is more important than ever. For only by becoming aware of the ongoing challenges and quantifying these impacts can we design effective and efficient strategies and actions for improvement.

This awareness and the desire to pursue public benefit purposes aligned with the company’s purpose and values drove Etifor to adopt the legal status of a Benefit Corporation in 2022. Do you want to find out what being a Benefit Society and a B Corp means to us? Want to learn more? Download the “Impact Report 2022”.

During 2022 , Etifor conducted a comprehensive assessment of its impacts through the B Impact Assessment (BIA), an assessment tool designed by the non-profit organisation B Lab that evaluates the company’s performance in five areas: Governance, Environment, Workers, Community and Customers.

After the verification process carried out by B Lab, Etifor achieved an overall score of 100.8 (minimum threshold required to obtain certification: 80 points; average score of applicant companies: 50.9). This score enabled Etifor to obtain B Corp certification.

Further information is available in the ‘Impact Report 2022’.



In addition to the assessment conducted with the BIA, Etifor has structured a system to monitor the impacts of its projects, to more accurately report progress toward the specific impact goals stated in its statute. The impacts reported only refer to projects completed in the year under review (2022) and therefore do not include all positive impacts in the previous ten years.

involved in concrete actions for climate change mitigation

Destination Management Organisations (DMOs) supported in promoting sustainable tourism

with a plan for climate positivity (reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions)

raised for the conservation of ecosystems

WOWnature clients involved in concrete actions for climate change mitigation

planted and responsibly grown

of ecosystems whose management has been improved

of forest supported in achieving certification for the provision of multiple ecosystem services

new management agreements, integrated plans, and policies stipulated or updated

raised for reforestation and improvement of existing forests

who attended specific courses or projects to improve professional skills and knowledge related to sustainable development

of bicycle routes mapped and improved to support sustainable tourism and local economic development

Our activities have positive impacts on the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Within the “Impact Report 2022” we have listed the indicators monitored and the results achieved by Etifor during 2022. We have also added some project examples in order to facilitate the understanding of the concrete meaning of these indicators. Finally, for each indicator, we have associated the most impacted SDGs.



Therefore, to comply with the obligations established by Italian Law No. 208 of 28-12-2015 (Paragraphs 376-384) regarding Benefit Corporations, Etifor committed to measuring and, through this document, regularly reporting on its impacts.