Organisations are made up of people.
And it is thanks to our team that we’re managing to make a real impact on the planet we call home.

Today, more than ever, we need resourcefulness and conviction to right the rudder of ‘unsustainable development’ that is leading us off course. Some would say it‘s leading us straight towards an iceberg, but being dramatic isn’t our style.

This manifesto is like a compass, reminding us every day where we want to get to.


Have you ever heard of the Anthropocene? What about planetary boundaries?

The geological era we are living through has been named the Anthropocene* to emphasise that the main drivers of change on planet Earth are human beings. Indeed, in less than a century, we have managed to destroy the state of stability the world had been in for some 2000 years. The only silver lining in this scenario? If we are the root cause, perhaps we can become (or invent) the solution.

To help steer us onto the right course, in 2009 a group of scientists** identified 9 ‘planetary boundaries’. The planetary boundaries concept refers to the processes that must be maintained if we are to continue to enjoy conditions that allow human life, preserving ecosystems and, with them, the stability of the planet.

In a nutshell, to keep ourselves from environmental and economic collapse, we must do everything in our power to stay within those planetary boundaries. The problem is that, to date, we have already crossed 6 out of 9 of those limits.
So, what now? We simply have to roll up our sleeves, transform the way we operate, and take action.


We were established in 2011 within the Department of Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Padua, where Alessandro and Lucio’s entrepreneurial spirit joined forces with the scientific expertise of Mauro, Davide, Laura and Diego.

Since then Etifor, now a certified B-Corp, has been dedicated to technology transfer between the academic world and the community at large, without ever losing sight of our goal, as encapsulated in our name and payoff: Etifor | Valuing Nature (Etifor = ethics + forestry).

At Etifor
we put nature
at the heart of decision-making
by developing science-based solutions.

We must act now and find effective and responsible solutions that respect the environment and communities. That’s why our new corporate purpose directly addresses businesses, governments and people: only by putting nature at the heart of all our decisions, can we change the status quo and create a different future.

We’re already doing this, are you?


Corporate Culture is the set of beliefs and behaviours that determine the way the people in a company interact, internally and externally. Culture must be the result of a shared journey, and it was from a participatory process that the need to write this manifesto emerged. It’s an opportunity for us to share our guiding values with you and explain how we put them into practice.
Because, beyond the words we use, it is our actions that define who we are.

We like people who…

We are all RESPONSIBLE for the planet. We care for nature by guiding our partners towards conscious choices that respect the ‘planetary boundaries’.

#caring #society #environment #economy #future #equity #naturepositive

Our ‘OPEN-MINDEDNESSsets us apart. We are creating an inquiring, international, inclusive working environment that reflects our core values. That’s why we embrace and value (bio)diversity in all its forms.

#diversity #welcoming #inclusion #internationality #embracediversity #curiosity

We like people who…

We like people whose…

We are PASSIONATE: energy and proactivity drive us. We believe in what we do and put our heart into it.

#proactivity #engagement #energy #BeTheExample

We believe that each person’s UNIQUE QUALITIES must be recognised and valued within the team. We provide space and time for self-fulfilment. We help talents to emerge, providing support and autonomy.

#talent #support #independence #empowerment

We like people who…

We like people who…

We are professionals with an informal and playful approach. We love using our brains as much as getting our hands dirty.
We are free spirits with a genuine love of the great outdoors. We love exploring nature in all its nuances, even the wildest ones.
We are WILD!

#informality #fun #adventure


Our multidisciplinary approach allows us to create positive, lasting impacts. We are like an orchestra: each of us has a different task, and together we resonate with the harmony of nature.

How do we do it? By combining different skills.

We are…


We turn scientific knowledge into solutions to produce positive impacts on the economy, society and nature.

#science-based #improvement #criticalthinking #spinoff


We create and improve services through continuous R&D work. We boldly look beyond, towards pioneering solutions.

#innovation #lookingbeyond #solutions


We co-create projects and services using participatory techniques in an ongoing dialogue, internally and with our partners.

#listening #co-creation #interaction #problemsolving


Etifor is made up of people, each of whom has different relational and emotional needs.

Here are some examples of how we take care…

…of our work

We have a horizontal, shared and constantly evolving decision-making framework. Decisions are informed by participatory processes at various levels. We hold dedicated sessions to give everyone, from the intern to the CEO, the opportunity to discuss and propose solutions.
There are no secrets at Etifor! We also share revenues and costs because, in our opinion, the more tools and information made available to staff, the wiser everyone’s choices will be.

We have the Smarties task force that simplifies everyday life in the office and shared guidelines to improve the quality of work and life. These include our strategy for employee welfare and growth, responsible purchasing policies and ethical management system.

…of our relationships

If you work with us, don’t expect the ‘same old’ meetings: we alternate between different formats, outdoor and indoor, online and in-person. One thing they all have in common is the playful, informal style that’s designed to put everyone at ease.
Everyone at Etifor has an annual development plan (called a Purpose Work Plan) and space for discussion and feedback within each team. The horizontal approach allows everyone, at every level, to get involved, make suggestions and ask questions.

…of our emotions

We offer company training chosen by everyone, a multi-tiered welfare plan, and experiences of connecting with nature. We have spaces for sharing and listening, both collective (called Brainday) and individual (such as the mental health support service), with a view to continuous improvement. Finally, a voluntary task force develops and monitors the ‘Diversity, Equity and Inclusion’ policy.

Our Good Vibe Manager is in charge of keeping the positive energy high through games, celebrations and festivities throughout the year. But like Santa Claus, he couldn’t do it without his helpers… our fantastic ‘Love team’!




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