Organisations are made up of people. And it is thanks to our team that we’re managing to make a real impact on the planet we call home. At Etifor we like teamwork and we value (bio)diversity in all its forms. Do you share our values? Then send us your application!


Are you trying to restore the balance of a territory that is close to your heart? Tell us – within the application form – the problems you are facing and the solutions you would like to implement. We are always looking for passionate and reliable people to join our team: together we can understand how to put your idea into practice.


We believe that science can enormously help people to enhance nature. For this reason, we select the best candidates for funding through a PhD. Study innovative solutions with us: send us your research proposal!

Discover the PhD Scholarships available in the Open Positions section of this page.


Have you studied models, scenarios, good practices, tools and possible solutions to protect the environment at university? Apply now to do your internship with Etifor and improve nature with us!

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