We are researchers, innovators and communicators, but most of all we are a band of musicians: each of us knows exactly which notes to play to make nature’s harmony!

GIULIA AMATOThe steadfast explorer
During the day, she works enthusiastically on projects regarding the economic evaluation of ecosystem services and in the evening she becomes a perfect chorister. She is always ready to take on new challenges!
NICOLA ANDRIGHETTOThe certified supporter
He’s the right person if you need an experienced environmental consultant and if you want to know everything about the traceability and sustainability of wood products. Or, if you are just looking for someone to go to the football stadium with.
ALESSANDRO BELLIOThe able engineer
Learning the Mapuche in Chile and what it means to live in harmony with nature is not for everyone. Don’t be enchanted by his smile and gold curls: when it comes to developing mathematical models for the circular economy and reducing environmental impacts, nothing is left to chance.
ALESSANDRA BISANDOLAThe essential colleague
Our indispensable administrative manager. Without her all this would not be possible. The person you always wanted as a friend, not just for the payroll.
LUCIO BROTTOThe fearless traveler
Co-founder of Etifor, he deals with sustainable investments, climate change and ecosystem services. From our community garden to the Congo forests, no project is too small, too big or too crazy for him.
CATIE BURLANDOThe reflective researcher
Having just come back to her mountains, after more than ten years of experience abroad, Catie is our expert in participative and interpretative methodologies applied to contexts of local planning and development.
SERENA CESCAThe stormy creator
One of the team’s most meteoric minds has been juggling graphic design, communication campaigns, vegetable gardens and local recipes.
Dipped among paper inventory and proofs she emerges always ready for a new battle …armed with a graphics tablet!
RICCARDO DA REThe enthusiastic statistician
Expert in participatory approaches and data analysis for local development, he works on many projects dealing with governance and social innovation, but more than anything else, he’s a great facilitator and his good mood is contagious.
ILARIA DOIMOThe sensitive adventurer
From Chinese rice fields to forest kindergartens, there are no limits to her desire to discover new traditions. Thanks to her original point of view she is always able to offer an alternative way to solve every problem.
DIEGO GALLOThe expert guide
Director of the Local Development area. Guide of the natural environment and bicycle-lover. An atypical consultant specialized in ecotourism, territorial marketing, landscape and multifunctional agriculture: he speaks little and does much.
PAOLA GATTOThe determined expert
Particularly committed to the development of new methods and models for environmental economic evaluation, she’s delegated to represent the University of Padua on Etifor’s Board. The perfect mix of expertise and helpfulness.
JACOPO GIACOMONIThe sagacious tree climber
He has made kindness his status symbol: when he is not taking inaccessible mountain shortcuts or helping his co-workers reach very high shelves, he dedicates himself to the economic, political and environmental evaluation of the forest supply chains.
GIACOMO LAGHETTONature’s basket-baller
When he is not playing basketball or following his watery spirit that leads him to diving in the Brenta river, he spends time between companies and administrations stipulating conventions. He is the right colleague if you need to know the value of the water resources, or simply just take a dip in them.
Managing Director and co-founder of Etifor, he deals with business development, European project management and international cooperation. He’s the perfect person if you need to give a touch of style to your projects or discover innovative approaches to finance environmental conservation.
FABRIZIO MALAGGIThe relentless forester
An avid forester by age 20, having studied growth stages of maples, bonsai trees, and the effects of forests on scouts! Today, he jumps between the parks of Lombardy and the green corridors of Etifor…providing advice to anyone interested in redevelopment of green areas and park management.
MAURO MASIEROThe smart referee
Chairman and co-founder of Etifor, he’s the right person if you need an expert in international trade of forest products and services, responsible forest management, or if you need to solve thorny diplomatic issues.
COLM O'DRISCOLLThe kind specialist
An Irish forester of proven origins, his passion for innovation and entrepreneurship has made him fully qualified to join the Etifor team. Between one project and another, he sends pictures of the green Irish landscapes, and calls us out on our English level.
DAVIDE PETTENELLAThe passionate professor
Co-founder and member of the Etifor Scientific Committee, he’s a full professor at the
Land, Environment, Agriculture and Forestry (LEAF) Department of the University of Padua. He has kept the secrets of ubiquity for years which allows him to always be where he is needed.
ELENA PISANIThe wise mentor
Assistant professor at the University of Padova, she spends her time investigating the secrets of social capital and innovation in Europe’s rural areas. When she is not busy writing a new publication we like to imagine her flying to South America or working in the field.
FEDERICO PINATOThe unconventional economist
1,2,3… 10000. Calculating the environmental benefits of our projects is not easy but for him the numbers have no mysteries. He joined the team to study ecosystem services but, in the blink of an eye, he has become irreplaceable!
ALEX PRAThe globe-trotter researcher
Alex tackles every project as it was a mountaineering expedition: meticulous preparation, attention to details, patience, and determination. He is the right person when talking about sustainable investments and if you need suggestions for your next mountain trek.
ARIANNA RUBERTOThe resourceful communicator
She’s the right person if you want to grow a social community or promote an event. Her total lack of sense of direction does not stop her from trying new ways of doing things. Between a social post and a press release, she spends her time explaining what it means to be “graduated in Semiotics”.
LAURA SECCOThe rebel scientist
Associate Professor of the University of Padua and co-founder of Etifor, Laura is an international expert in social innovation, good governance in forestry and rural development. There is no cause for which she doesn’t fight; thanks to her, we never miss an opportunity to change things.
ENRICO VIDALEThe busy consultant
Our wild forest products expert, or wild products, as he likes to call them. His forestry experience, linked with his passion for collecting field data, enables him to transform forest management into a profitable business.