Do you want to become a climate positive company?

In the current context of the climate crisis, being ‘neutral’ is not enough: becoming climate-positive means going beyond zero CO2 emissions and creating environmental benefits for present and future generations.

We will help you measure and reduce your greenhouse gas emissions and mitigate your exposure to climate-related risks. You can also make a positive impact by contributing to nature-based solutions for people and the planet.

MARC Approach

Capture & Communicate

Measure your carbon footprint

We help you measure your company’s GHG emissions according to international standards, including  the ISO 14064  and Life Cycle Assessment methodologies (LCA and EPD). Awareness of the GHG  emitted by the various stages of your business or products is the first step in adopting effective and cost-efficient reduction strategies.

Avoid and reduce your GHG emissions

We will help you reduce emissions against your quantified baseline in line with the efforts required to limit global warming to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. We will use tools such as the Etifor Climate Positive List (a collection of best practices compiled by Etifor over years of consulting experience), cost-benefit analyses, and a participatory in-company process.

Mitigates climate related risks

The climate crisis and its consequences can threaten the continuity of your business. We will help you understand the climate-related risks you may be exposed to and help you mitigate them.

Capture & Communicate
Support forestry projects that regenerate ecosystems and protect the environment

We will help you define a goal in line with the values and possibilities of your organisation. You can choose from our global portfolio of nature-based solutions to protect the environment and people’s well-being, allowing you to communicate and report your progress toward environmental responsibility.

Why choose
the MARC approach?

It is good for your company

Increased efficiency, lower costs, higher customer loyalty, better reputation and increased competitiveness are advantages that environmental and social responsibility can deliver. While sensitivity towards sustainability related topics keeps rising, the evidence that “being virtuous pays back” also accumulates, and companies themselves confirm it. More people than ever are willing to reward companies and organisations that commit to coherent, value-based and sustainable business models.

Good for the people and the environment

Every impact avoided means less harm to the environment and people. In addition, the projects in our portfolio comply with the strictest technical, environmental, social, and economic quality standards (e.g. FSC®, ISO, SBTN, etc.) and benefit people and the environment: they capture CO2, refresh cities during the warmest months, provide shelter for biodiversity, prevent soil erosion, capture air pollutants (PM10, PM2.5, etc.), protect water resources, and much more.

Valuing every step of the way

Organisations that approach sustainability normally promote only one part of their journey. With MARC, on the other hand, you will be able to tell the whole story of your environmental responsibility journey, valorising every step of it.

Assured project quality worldwide

We develop projects worldwide, and the quality is guaranteed by the strongest third-party certification standards (FSC®, ISO, SBTN, etc.).

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