The Future of Water Service at the event “Water Governance in a Changing Climate.”

  • 2024

L’evento “Il governo dell’acqua in un clima che cambia” offre un’opportunità per approfondire le sfide e le opportunità nel settore idrico, promuovendo un dialogo costruttivo tra gli attori coinvolti e stimolando azioni concrete per un futuro sostenibile.

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Toward a paradigm shift in water resource management

Voluntary Carbon Market and its climate change mitigation potential MASTERCLASS ONLINE

  • 16.01 - 9.04.2024

From 16 January to 9 April 2024, online masterclasses on Voluntary Carbon Market will be dedicated to young professionals and students. The initiative is organised by the Mediterranean Youth Task Force (MYFT), part of FAO’s Mediterranean Silva Committee. Etifor will run two sessions on 30 January and 13 February.

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How does the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM) work, and what is its potential in mitigating the climate crisis? From 16 January to 9 April 2024, there will be a series of online masterclasses in English dedicated to deepening this topic and aimed primarily at young professionals and students. The initiative is organised by

European Business & Nature Summit 2023

  • 11-12.10.23

On October 11 and 12, the European event dedicated to organizations aiming to develop business models toward a nature-positive future was held in Milan.

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The biodiversity crisis is unabated, and the urgency for change, including economic and industrial change, has become more evident. The European Business & Nature  (EBNS) is an international event - organised by the European Commission - to involve organisations that aim to develop and explore sustainable business models also aimed at biodiversity conservation.

Masterclass Practical approaches to creating business value by including nature and people in decision-making

  • 11.10.2023

Join this in persona masterclass organised by Capitals Coalition and Etifor: during the event the speakers will explain how business can understand their impacts and dependencies on natural, social, and human capitals. Find out more!

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A primer to the European Business & Nature Summit in Milan

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