Etifor at the Festival dello sviluppo sostenibile Event

  • 24.05.2023

On the occasion of the 7th edition of the Festival of Sustainable Development, on 24 May Etifor will participate in the conference ‘The Sustainable Development of Tropical Forests, together with the University of Padua and the Italian Embassy in Kinshasa.

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On 24 May, the conference “The Sustainable Development of Tropical Forests” will be held as part of the 7th edition of the Festival dello Sviluppo Sostenibile (“Sustainable Development Festival”), Italy's largest event on sustainability, promoted by ASviS. The Festival raises awareness and mobilises citizens, younger generations, businesses, associations and institutions on the issues

Climate strategies for responsible companies Masterclass

  • 23.05 - 14.06 - 05.07.2023

This masterclass, divided into 3 modules, aims to offer participants all the tools they need to design effective strategies to mitigate companies’ environmental impacts.

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Learn how to design effective climate strategies to mitigate companies' environmental impacts and train on the key issues of the future

Architecture and landscape Advanced training course

  • 19.09.2022

Learn how to design architectures in beautiful landscapes while respecting nature and the landscape. Apply to this course by the 15th of July 2022!


How can architecture dialogue with the landscape? How can projects take the natural context into consideration? Architecture was born as a sign of man's transformation on the landscape, an artificial element in deep relationship with the natural environment that surrounds it. Today more than ever there is a need to re-establish

Relazionesimo 2030 Expo Summit about Relationships

  • 15.07.2022

On the 15th of July 2022, participate to the round table “Sustainability: the relationship between Earth and human beings”, as part of the event “Relazionesimo 2030”, the first Expo Summit about relationships!


"Relazionesimo 2030 - Expo Summit of Relationships" is a national exposition of relationships focused on the human being. To be held from 15 to 17 July 2022, this unconventional event was created as a learning moment to explore the relationships between people, business, and the planet. The expo stems from the need to

Sustainable Tourism Forum Second edition

  • 10.06.2022

On the 10th of June do not miss the second edition of the Sustainable Tourism Forum, an opportunity to exchange ideas and learn more about the challenges and success of certified tourism destination.


GSTC certified tourism destination and companies: between challenges and success On 10 June 2022, the second edition of the Sustainable Tourism Forum is taking place in the beautiful framework of the Dolomites. The event represent an opportunity to discuss ideas and exchange best practices in destination management and tourism marketing. Randy Durband,

Ruralis: tutelare il paesaggio rurale e promuovere l’inclusione sociale Webinar

  • 19.05.2022

Participate to the webinar and learn all the details of the new call for proposals by Fondazione Cariplo on rural development and social inclusion.


Participate to the online event and learn more about the call for proposals promoted by Fondazione Cariplo The call for proposals "Ruralis: protecting the rural landscape and promoting social inclusion" promoted by Fondazione Cariplo wants to enhance the development of rural areas by supporting initiatives aimed at restoring the rural landscape

Regional call for the creation of forests in the Veneto plain Webinar

  • 18.05.2022

Participate to this online event and learn all the details and opportunities of the new call for proposals of the Veneto Region for the creation of lowland forests.


Participate to the webinar and learn more about the Veneto Region's call for proposals for the creation of forests in lowland areas. Our experts, together with the Veneto Region and the Associazione Forestale di Pianura (Lowland Forests Association), have organised a webinar to introduce the new opportunities offered by the “Bando

Nature-based Urban Forestry & Placemaking: By the People for the Planet Webinar

  • 11.05.2022

Participate to the webinar and learn more about participatory urban forests design!

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Would you like to learn more on participatory urban forests design? The term “urban forest” refers to all the urban trees in a city, whether on public or private land, which form the city’s forest network. Urban forests can provide environmental, social, economic benefits and represent an efficient tool for the

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