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Climate change, water, biodiversity, landscape, carbon, ecosystem services, natural capital, socio-economic assessment, standards, payments for ecosystem services, REDD projects

Policies, strategies and payments for ecosystem service
Natural resources such as water and biodiversity are threatened by the climate crisis and unsustainable economic development. Governments, Public Authorities, parks, water utilities, land reclamation consortiums, environmental and forest agencies are key actors that need to reinvent the way protected areas, green infrastructures and ecosystem services are managed and financed. We support these actors to build strong public-private partnerships, activate the governance process to bring innovative policy, management, and financing solutions.

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Our territory has enormous environmental resources and is rich in natural areas that provide important ecosystem services to the population. The management of protected areas and natural resources is a complex issue. We therefore aim to tackle it with an interdisciplinary approach that is responsive to institutional, technical and economic requirements.
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