Luxottica and the restoration of the forests damaged by Vaia

  • 2020

In 2020 Luxottica decides to embark on a journey to reduce its emissions and improve its impacts, while restoring the forests around Agordo affected by the storm Vaia. With the goal of restoring an area of more than 30 hectares, this project is the largest forest restoration project funded by a private company in the areas affected by Vaia.

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The Agordo-based company embarks on a project to improve its impacts and contribute to the recovery of the territory after the storm

Multidisciplinary project development for new urban forests in the Metropolitan City of Venice

  • 2021

Levico Carbon

  • 2018 2021

Alternative models and robust decision-making for future forest management

  • 2016 2020

The ALTERFOR project has the task of reviewing existing forest management models and much more

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