Young generations rediscover the mountains

  • 2022 2024

Rigenera Montagna is a path of individual and collective co-creation and transformation for young generations. The project supports girls and boys in adopting a forward-looking view of the future of the Venetian mountains to regenerate natural and human resources.

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The use of resources and the meaning of places through the eyes of youngsters

Regeneration paths to go beyond sustainability

  • 2024 2026
  • Regeneration paths to go beyond sustainability
  • OnlineAustria
  • Unione Europea
  • Consorzio di Promozione Turistica del Tarvisiano, di Sella Nevea e di passo Pramollo

    NLW Tourismus Marketing GmbH

    Società Cooperativa Turistica Alta Badia


REGENERATE è un progetto che ambisce a oltrepassare il concetto di sostenibilità turistica. Vuole sviluppare una maggiore consapevolezza nei territori e avviare un processo di coinvolgimento attivo di tutto il tessuto sociale nella co-creazione di un’offerta turistica che risponda alle esigenze espresse dalla comunità e dall’ambiente naturale.

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Looking for a tourism offering that meets the needs of the community and the natural environment.

Veneto’s cycle tourism routes

  • 2022 2023

Welfare, nature and tourism

  • 2023 2026

The WeNaTour project aims to train new professionals for sustainable tourism, keeping the well-being of local communities and environmental protection at the centre of its strategies.

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The European Alliance for Innovation and Sustainability Education in Welfare, Nature, and Tourism

Fattorie Didattiche del Veneto

  • 2023

20 years after the start of the Fattorie Didattiche del Veneto project, Etifor was involved by the Veneto Region for the co-development and management of the annual Update Day through which the educational farms maintain their registration in the regional register.

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Update Day for the educational farms in Veneto

A sustainable tourism model for the destinations and operators of the A.T.A. Trentino Città, Laghi and Altipiani

  • 2022

The A.T.A. Città, Laghi e Altipiani has decided to help three Trentino A.P.T. in the improvement of the sustainability of their tourism systems. Etifor will support, in cooperation with Trentino Marketing, the involved APTs and accommodation facilities in the implementation of the GSTC standard.

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Supporting the implementation of the GSTC standard in four destinations in Trentino

CROSSDEV – Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and Economic Development in Mediterranean

  • 2021 2

The CROSSDEV project aims to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean by creating sustainable tourism routes that are attractive to cultural and natural resources. The project involves four countries: Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

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CROSSDEV creates sustainable tourism routes to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean.

Siena and the GSTC

  • 2022

Siena has become the first Italian city to obtain the GSTC certification for sustainable tourism. In this context, Etifor accompanied the Tuscan city in the achievement of the GSTC certification.

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The Tuscan city has become the first one in Italy to be certified for sustainable tourism.

WEAL Project – Wellbeing and Ecosystem service for Agriculture in Lombardy

  • 2022

The WEAL project will involve the territories of 3 GALs with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and urban population through Green Care.

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Ecosystem services for health, wellbeing, and the valorisation of rural areas.

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