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Sottocorteccia | A book on bark beetles and changing forests

  • 2024

After the Vaia storm in 2018, another one immediately began: the epidemic of the type bark beetle, a beetle that attacks the most widespread and vital species in alpine forests, the spruce tree. In this book, the authors recount the bark beetle’s consequences on territories, communities, and the economy. The studies and analyses carried out by Etifor are featured in the chapter on estimating economic damage.

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After the end of Storm Vaia in 2018, a threat looms over the forests of the Northeast: the bark beetle.

The forestry sector in Paraguay

  • 2024

This paper presents the results of comprehensive research conducted on Paraguay’s forestry sector. The main objective of this study is to offer an in-depth analysis of the sector, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate goal is to draft a preliminary roadmap for the sector’s development and facilitate its transition to sustainability.

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This document presents the findings of a comprehensive research study conducted on Paraguay's forestry sector. The primary goal of this study is to offer a thorough understanding of the sector, identifying its strengths and weaknesses. The ultimate aim is to draft a preliminary roadmap for the sector's development and facilitate its transition towards

The Upcoming EU Proposal on “Deforestation-free Products”: from Theory to Practice through the Lessons Learned from the EUTR Implementation

  • 2022

This article compares the new proposal for the “Zero Deforestation” Regulation with the current EU Regulation on Timber (EUTR), with the aim to shed some light on the new rules and the implications for the actors involved.

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Over the last few months, the European Commission has been discussing the adoption of a new Regulation to curb deforestation and forest degradation driven by the expansion of agricultural land. Already named “Zero Deforestation”, this proposal aims at aligning the policies on import with EU sustainability goals. When adopted, the new Regulation will

Non-wood forest products for people, nature and the green economy

  • 2021

This white paper is a call to recognise, and to leverage, the potential of NWFP to contribute to policy priorities in Europe, especially in relation to rural development, nature conservation, and human well-being. It shows how leveraging NWFP potential could contribute to the successful implementation of the European Green Deal, and to a greener and more sustainable post-COVID economy restart.

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Recommendations for policy priorities in Europe. A white paper based on lessons learned from around the Mediterranean.

Deforestation Made in Italy

  • 2020

Download for free the publication “Deforestation Made in Italy”. A report in Italian dedicated to the responsibility of Italian companies and consumers in the deforestation of tropical countries.


This volume presents a summary of the contributions to the workshop "Deforestation made in Italy" held in Padua on 10 December 2019. After framing the issue of deforestation and forest degradation, analyzing the main drivers and impacts, the document presents methodological approaches and preliminary results relating to the estimate of the

RAF 2019 Italy Bosco Limite. The forest that defends against climate change

  • 2019

The first “Report on the state of Italian forests” aims to provide a global, detailed and timely picture of the state of Italian forests and its supply chains. The article, written by the Etifor team in collaboration with Davide Pettenella, presents a successful case study: Bosco Limite.


In recent decades Italian society has gradually lost sight of the importance of forests, a green lung that covers about 40% of the national territory.We have also forgotten how the national forest system, with its productive, environmental and socio-cultural chains, still represents a vital fulcrum of the country today. In this context, the first "Report

Forest Management Auditing Certification of Forest Products and Services

  • 2018

Forest managers, auditors and project developers require a new range of skills: this book, co-editing by Etifor, outlines the market-based tools that are required by such professionals to ensure corporate social responsibility in the forestry sector.

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It is difficult to find products or services in the market that are not defined as sustainable. But what makes a product or a service really sustainable? A good reference standard and a serious and independent system of control (audit). Lucio Brotto (Etifor Srl) and Davide Pettenella (University of Padova) as editors, and the rest

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