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This volume presents a summary of the contributions to the workshop “Deforestation made in Italy” held in Padua on 10 December 2019. After framing the issue of deforestation and forest degradation, analyzing the main drivers and impacts, the document presents methodological approaches and preliminary results relating to the estimate of the embodied deforestation associated with the Italian import and consumption of deforestation-risk products: wood and derived products, agricultural products (beef, palm oil and soybean) and by-products (bovine hides and leather).

This is a first attempt to systematically and critically address the issue taking into account possible responsibilities of the Italian system – institutions, businesses, research, civil society and consumers: a potential starting point for further studies and critical reflections on this topic, with the hope that this will translate, with the collaboration of all, into concrete actions for the benefit of forest resources and human well-being. The report is available in Italian with a full abstract in English.


  • Davide Pettenella, volume editor, chapter 1 author
  • Mauro Masiero, volume editor,  chapters 2 and 4 author
  • Giorgio Vacchiano, chapters 2, 3 and 5 contributor
  • Marco Bagliani, chapters 3 and 5 author
  • Viola Di Cori, Federica Romagnoli and Nicola Andrighetto, chapter 4 contributors
  • Graziana Garofalo and Maria Giovanna Lahoz, chapters 3 and 5 contributors
  • Aynur Mammadova, chapter 6 author
  • Marco Marchetti, chapter 7 author