EMMA4EU – Erasmus+ project

  • 2023 2026
  • EMMA4EU – Erasmus+ project
  • ItalyGermanyDenmarkNetherlandsUganda
  • EU Commission
    • Etifor (Italy),
    • Università degli Studi di Padova (Italy),
    • Wageningen University & Research (Netherlands)
    • Preferred by Nature (Denmark),
    • Albert-​Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg (Germany),
    • Open Forests (Germany),
    • Copenhagen Business School (Denmark),
    • AidEnvironment (Netherlands),
    • Makerere University (Uganda),
    • Fòrema (Italy).

Discover more on the new “Innovation Alliance for training programmes for deforestation-free supply chains in Europe” project.

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Innovation Alliance for training programmes for deforestation-free supply chains in Europe

OptFORESTS, a project to improve the diversity and resilience of forests

  • 2022

This 5-years project aims at supporting the protection and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe to face environmental and social challenges.

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Funded by the European Commission's Horizon Programme, OptFORESTS wants to generate new knowledge in the field of forest genetic resources (FGR) and forest reproductive material (FRM). The project involves 20 partners from 13 different countries and it aims to create network partnerships for the production, dissemination, management and conservation of diverse and adaptable FGR


  • 2019 2021
  • GreenChainSAW4LIFE
  • Responsible management
  • Italy
  • European Commission
  • Iris srl

    Unione Montana dei Comuni del Monviso

    Comune di Barge

    Giusiano Legnami srl

    Compolab srl

    Walden srls

The project GreenChainSAW4LIFE  aims at managing local forest in a innovative, sustainable and shared way, for fighting climatic and enviromental risk such as fire, hydrogeological instability, and loss biodiversity and using/use the wood obtained to producer green energy and biomaterials for benefit of the economy local and nature by implementing an integrated local plan for climate, energy and bioeconomy in the Po, Bronda, and Infernotto Valleys.

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Renewable energy and innovative forest management to face the new challenges of the climate crisis

EUTR Training

  • 2012 2021

Certified charcoal from italian mountain forests

  • 2017 2018

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