A new model of timber production in Yanonge, legal and sustainable

A new model of timber production in Yanonge, legal and sustainable

Transforming the artisanal timber market in the Democratic Republic of Congo


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One-third of the total wood market in the DRC is sourced from artisanal logging, with these products primarily destined for domestic markets. Artisanal logging constitutes an important source of income for local people. However, the practice occurs outside the regularly framework and remains largely informal.

The project

As part of the “FORÊTS” project (Formation, Recherche et Environnement dans la Tshopo), CIFOR is promoting legal and sustainable artisanal logging in the DRC. In Yanonge, CIFOR supports the locally managed UTB sawmill, which processes timber from surrounding community forests, primarily sourced from local artisanal loggers. Committed to using only legally harvested timber, UTB aims to set the standard for legal timber production. With plans to market “regenerative timber” both domestically and internationally, UTB products emphasize quality, environmental sustainability, and social benefits.

Our contribution

ETIFOR is called to assist CIFOR in selling legal timber harvested in Yanonge through remote and fieldwork market research, stakeholders identification and engagement, marketing campaigns and timber selling tests to evaluate the feasibility of developing a domestic market (e.g., furniture and construction) for legal and sustainable timber (possibly identifying potential buyers also at regional [e.g, East Congo, Uganda, Rwanda] and international level [e.g, Europe].

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