This 5-years project aims at supporting the protection and sustainable use of forest genetic resources in Europe to face environmental and social challenges.

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  • 2022

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Funded by the European Commission’s Horizon Programme, OptFORESTS wants to generate new knowledge in the field of forest genetic resources (FGR) and forest reproductive material (FRM). The project involves 20 partners from 13 different countries and it aims to create network partnerships for the production, dissemination, management and conservation of diverse and adaptable FGR and FRM in the face of climate change.

The problem

Faced with the challenges posed by climate change, new European policies call for intensified efforts to restore forest ecosystems through massive tree plantations by 2030, in full respect of ecological principles. This can only be achieved if forest genetic resources (FGR) and forest reproductive material (FRM), such as fruits, seeds, cones and plant parts, are protected and managed sustainably, creating a well-developed nursery sector to support planting and restoration efforts.

The project

OptFORESTS will support the conservation and sustainable use of forest genetic resources through the following actions

  • research on the selection of different forest reproductive materials (FRM), including selections adapted to future climates;
  • promotion of the sustainable use and resilience of natural forests;
  • the expansion and diversification of nursery production;
  • the development of nature-based solutions (NBS), tools and cultural pathways to promote forest biodiversity and ecosystem services;
  • solutions for the restoration of biodiversity.

Our contribution

Etifor will design and implement NBS for the restoration of damaged forests in the Alps. In addition, Etifor will promote forest biodiversity and Ecosystem Services by encouraging dialogue between different actors at international level.