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Terapia Forestale 2 A new volume on Forest Therapy in Italy

  • 2022

The new volume on Forest Therapy, published by the Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview that aims to become a national reference point for a rapidly expanding discipline. The publication is the result of a research campaign conducted by the CNR, which involved around 1,000 people at more than 30 sites in the Apennines, Alps and urban parks.

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Urbanisation, climate crisis, pollution, worsening mental health, these are some of the major megatrends that are taking place globally. Faced with these challenges, a growing number of studies are pointing to a solution that is as simple as it is effective: nature. In addition to supporting climate crisis adaptation and mitigation strategies, recent

Uforest – Training needs’ assessment and stakeholder analysis

  • 2021

Our team worked on the “Uforest Training Needs’ Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis” report. It provides an overview of the existing demand on training needs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in urban forestry and Nature Based Solutions (NBS).


Urban forests represent an innovative solution, but there are still few specific training opportunity on this subject.

EU Market Outlooks on Green Care

  • 2021

Our team worked on four EU Market Outlooks, one for each Green4C’s project thematic sectors: Forest-based care; Urban green care; Social agriculture; and Green care tourism. The market outlooks investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main Green Care markets. The different outlooks are separate and will be published on the reference page at different times.


Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

EU Blueprint on Green Care

  • 2021

Find out more by reading this Green4C publication about EU Blueprint on Green Care: Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion.

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Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

Forest and Wellbeing

  • 2020
  • Forest and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable investments
  • 2020
  • I. Doimo; M. Masiero; P. Gatto

This review gives an overview of existing literature on the emerging topic of human wellbeing-forest. Read the whole abstract.


Bridging Medical and Forest Research for Effective Forest-Based Initiatives

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