Urbanisation, climate crisis, pollution, worsening mental health, these are some of the major megatrends that are taking place globally. Faced with these challenges, a growing number of studies are pointing to a solution that is as simple as it is effective: nature. In addition to supporting climate crisis adaptation and mitigation strategies, recent research is demonstrating the benefits nature and its elements can bring in terms of health, human wellbeing, and social inclusion. For this reason, today, both abroad and in Italy, more and more Green Care initiatives are emerging, i.e. initiatives that rely on nature to promote human wellbeing. Among the most widespread and well-known there are Forest Bathing, Forest Therapy and Social Farming.

Published by the Centro Nazionale delle Ricerche – CNR (National Research Centre), the new volume on Forest Therapy, offers a comprehensive and up-to-date overview that aims to become a national reference for a rapidly expanding discipline. The publication is the result of a research campaign conducted by the CNR, which involved around 1,000 people at more than 30 sites in the Apennines, Alps and urban parks. The aim of this volume is to expose the fundamental reasons that make the forest a therapeutic environment, with great potential in the field of health, as well as an irreplaceable element for the stability of life on our planet.

Davide Pettenella and Ilaria Doimo of Etifor contributed to this book with a chapter on the economic value of forests and Forest Therapy aimed at raising awareness on the importance of these areas. In particular, the analysis of the economic aspects is divided into three parts: the first frames health and wellbeing services within the broader theme of the economics of ecosystem services; the second part describes the direct and indirect economic effects of forest services for wellbeing and health, and examines estimates of the costs and benefits of Forest Therapy; finally, the third part deals with policies supporting the development of Forest Therapy.

Terapia forestale 2

Francesco Meneguzzo, Federica Zabini (CNR)

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