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International investments in natural areas and nature-based enterprises.


Green care and social agriculture


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Forest-based care, urban forests, forest bathing, forest therapy, urban green care, social inclusion, horticultural therapy & garden therapy, accessible and inclusive green spaces, One Health, valorization of green areas for health prevention and promotion, cultural ecosystem services, environmental education.

Bridging medical and forestry research for effective nature-based initiatives
Science tells us that spending time in green areas improves our mental, physical, and social performances. Green Care is an emerging concept referring to the range of activities that promotes physical and mental health and well-being through contact with nature. We develop nature-based solutions and social agriculture activities and support our partners to find the right investment for them. Examples of investments are the creation and improvement of areas for forest bathing, recreational paths, food forests and the improvement of accessibility of green areas for disable people and elder population.


Forests and timberland


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Timberland investments, impact investing, sustainable and responsible investments, sustainability, responsible finance, marketplace, real asset, investment portfolio diversification, new markets for environmental services, due diligence, pension funds, insurance, certification.

Diversifying and innovating the financial portfolio with long-term investments
We identify, evaluate, and manage natural areas to create profitable investments in new conservation forests and protection of existing forests. We support private and institutional investors in building the investment portfolio in natural forests and forest plantations. We provide assistance in all process phases: from the identification and due diligence of new investment opportunities to the performance analysis and strategic portfolio management. Why invest in timberland and ecosystem services? Find out more.

Climate crisis solutions


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Positive impacts, corporate social and environmental responsibility, CO2 compensation, increase of biodiversity, water quality, tree planting, emission free, carbon footprint, product’s LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), green marketing, green branding, green labelling, climate finance, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), circular economy

Become Climate Positive and generate positive impacts on the environment
We help our partners to choose, realize and manage responsible investments and innovative solutions to fight the climate crisis. Thanks to our MARC method (Measure, Avoid, Risk, Capture & Communicate) a scientifically and effective approach, we support companies and organisations that want to develop innovative solutions to reduce their climate impact or that aim to become a Climate Positive by capturing more CO2 than they emit. We follow our partners at all stages: from the definition of the climate plan until the quality certifications. We identify, evaluate, and manage ideal sites to create new conservation forests, protect existing forests and improve rivers and water basins.

Capture & Communicate

One of the special features of the MARC approach is its comprehensiveness. On the one hand, our team supports forest managers in their efforts to achieve the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council®, whose FSC® Ecosystem Services procedure is fundamental to scientifically calculate the positive impacts of forests. On the other hand, Etifor also offers its partners the opportunity to join the WOWnature community: our platform that connects landowners, citizens and private companies who want to support projects to grow new trees or protect existing forest areas.

Nature-based business


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Acceleration, incubation, social innovation, start-ups, financing, trade, transformation, marketing, industry 4.0, positive impacts, circular economy, bioeconomy, biodiversity

Developing innovative business ideas for nature
We select and support start-ups that integrate social innovation, the Internet of Things (IoT) and industry 4.0 to improve supply, access and market opportunities in the forestry, agricultural and environmental services sectors. We support new entrepreneurs in developing solid and innovative business plans and models, helping them to select existing funding opportunities and to find the right investors.


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