Fedrigoni Biodiversity Impact Strategy

  • 2022

In line with its sustainability strategy for 2030, Fedrigoni is undertaking a new process to imporve its imapcts on biodiversity. With Etifor’s support, the company will conduct its first Biodiversity Impact Assessment to identify the impacts on the natural areas surrounding its paper mills. Based on that, Fedrigoni will implement actions capable of mitigating the negative ones. 

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The famous premium paper and self-adhesives company embarks on a new journey to contribute to biodiversity's restoration

Luxottica and the restoration of the forests damaged by Vaia

  • 2020

In 2020 Luxottica decides to embark on a journey to reduce its emissions and improve its impacts, while restoring the forests around Agordo affected by the storm Vaia. With the goal of restoring an area of more than 30 hectares, this project is the largest forest restoration project funded by a private company in the areas affected by Vaia.

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The Agordo-based company embarks on a project to improve its impacts and contribute to the recovery of the territory after the storm

The new EU Zero Deforestation Regulation (EUDR): challenges and opportunities

  • 2022

For months the political debate in Europe has revolved around the adoption of the new EU Zero Deforestation Regulation, which aims to curb the import of goods derived from deforestation. If approved, this regulation will cover soybeans, beef, palm oil, timber, cocoa and coffee and some derived products, such as leather and chocolate. For wood products, the new regulation will replace the existing EU Timber Regulation (EUTR).

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Due diligence, traceability, sustainability and more. What challenges and opportunities will be contained in the new EU Zero Deforestation Regulation? For months now, the political debate in Europe has revolved around the draft EU regulation on Deforestation-free products. The regulation aims to guarantee access to the EU market for commodities and

Green Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation

  • 2022

The volume “Green Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation” was produced with the aim to illustrate the benefits of this type of infrastructure. Alessandro Leonardi from Etifor has contributed to this publication with an article on how to design an appropriate and cost-effective forest green infrastructure for water payment schemes to protect and improve water quality.

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The term “Green Infrastructure” (GI) has mainly been discussed from an adaptation strategy perspective in cities and urban areas. However, as this volume shows, GI are relevant for rural and suburban areas too, proving many positive benefits. One of the most important characteristics of GIs is their multifunctionality, as they help maintain biodiversity

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