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Carbon removals: which trees absorb the most carbon dioxide?

  • 2024

Carbon, in the form of carbon dioxide (CO2), is part of the air we breathe and an indispensable element to ensure life on Earth. For more than a century, however, human activities have increased the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, accelerating the climate crisis we are currently experiencing.

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How trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere: the role of forests and the most effective species in combating the climate crisis

Drought emergency: how climate crisis and human activities affect water crisis

  • 2024

“Water crisis” and “Drought emergency” are what, more and more often, is reported in the media in Italy in the face of increasingly intense drought periods. 

Some effects of climate change, such as high temperatures and low rainfall, are among the significant causes of drought. Especially in Italy, the situation is exacerbated by unsustainable management of water resources and outdated infrastructure.

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Nature-based solutions can help combat drought and ensure sustainable management of water resources

The European Parliament adopts the Nature Restoration Law

  • 2023

The new law is an ‘important step toward creating an implementing legislative framework to support the ambitious #GlobalBiodiversityFramework to address the current climate and ecological crisis.

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On June 17 2024, the Nature Restoration Law was officially adopted. The law's final text confirms the planned targets: to restore at least 20 per cent of Europe's marine and terrestrial territory by 2030 and all endangered habitats by 2050.

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