CROSSDEV creates sustainable tourism routes to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean.

  • Tourism
  • Ministry of Culture
  • ItalyJordanLebanonPalestine
  • 2021-2

Started in September 2021, CROSSDEV – Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and economic Development in Mediterranean is a three-year project  co-funded by the European Union’s ENI CBC MED Programme. The aim of this project is to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean by creating sustainable tourism routes around cultural and natural resources. The project involves four countries – Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine – and aims to highlight five lesser-known tourist destinations. Finally, to improve the attractiveness of these locations, CROSSDEV aims to create a cross-border tourism scheme between the partner organisations.

The problem

Source of instability and security, the Mediterranean area needs actions to reduce inequalities and create better job opportunities. In the four countries involved, tourism is often concentrated in a few places that become mass tourism resorts, failing in the attempt to distribute flows and enhance unknown or lesser-known sites that are rich in culture, biodiversity and traditions.

The project

The project intends to promote the culture and cultural heritage of the areas involved, so that they can become a driver for the economic and social development of the territories. CROSSDEV will try to increase the tourist competitiveness and attractiveness of lesser known destinations and rural areas by relaunching the experiences of the Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe. In addition, the project will support the emergence of transnational agreements to boost sustainable tourism policies and promote related business activities. Finally, CROSSDEV also aims to improve the competencies and skills of local tourism operators, in order to help the establishment of a tourism that can generate socio-economic benefits for local populations, while respecting the environment and cultural heritage.

Our contribution

In the CROSSDEV project, Etifor participates as external consultant of the Ministry of Culture (MiC) with different activities involving:

  • the assessment of the state of the art of the Local Action Plans through participatory methodologies;
  • identification of cross-border agreements to be signed through consultation of institutions and “scouting” activities;
  • the drafting of cross-border agreements;
  • participatory development of a Charter of Values and Services common to the project partners.