Local development

CROSSDEV – Cultural Routes for Sustainable Social and Economic Development in Mediterranean

  • 2021 2

The CROSSDEV project aims to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean by creating sustainable tourism routes that are attractive to cultural and natural resources. The project involves four countries: Italy, Jordan, Lebanon and Palestine.

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CROSSDEV creates sustainable tourism routes to contribute to economic and social development in the Mediterranean.

WEAL Project – Wellbeing and Ecosystem service for Agriculture in Lombardy

  • 2022

The WEAL project will involve the territories of 3 GALs with the aim to improve the health and wellbeing of rural and urban population through Green Care.

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Ecosystem services for health, wellbeing, and the valorisation of rural areas.

Montagna Viva

  • 2019 2020

Sheep-up, ovine biodiversity in Veneto Region

  • 2019 2021
  • Sheep-up, ovine biodiversity in Veneto Region
  • Local development
  • Italy
  • Veneto Region
  • Centro Consorzi
    Fea De Lamon
    Az. Agricola Giopp Ruggero
    Associazione di Promozione e Tutela della Pecora Brogna
    Comune di Foza
    Università di Padova, Dip. TESAF
    Università di Scienze Gastronomiche di Pollenzo-UNISG
    Unione Montana Alpago
    Comune di Lamon
    Az. Agricola Dal Molin Guglielmo

The “Sheep-up” project aims to define an innovative model for the integrated economic enhancement of the rearing of native sheep breeds in marginal mountain areas (Valbelluna, Lessinia and the Altopiano di Asiago), aiming at the creation of added economic value for farmers.

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An economic opportunity for Farmers & Territory

G20 Beaches

  • 2018

The first summit of Italian seaside tourism! ETIFOR team will lead the debate on 16 tourism issues through participatory methodologies.


  • 2018 2020

MoSVit's objective is the enhancement of potential and the management of conflicts of wine sector and tourism through governance activities.

Trademark ALTO SILE

  • 2018 2019

Call for proposals for the tourist organisation of the Alto Sile area, which includes the municipalities of Piombino Dese, Vederlago, Istrana, Morgano and Quinto di Treviso.


  • 2018 2020

The main objective of the IMPRECO project is to improve the effectiveness of the ecosystem services offered by the areas. Strengthening the potential of the protected areas themselves in the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems through the implementation of a transnational network. IMPRECO - common strategies and best practices to improve the transnational protection of

GSTC Valsugana

  • 2018 2019
  • GSTC Valsugana
  • Local development
  • Italy
  • APT Valsugana

Consultancy to the APT (Tourist Board) for the GSTC Certification dedicated to the sustainability of tourist destinations.

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Certification Path From June 2018, the Tourism Board Valsugana Lagorai has undertaken a path of certification towards sustainability of extraordinary importance for the development of its tourist destination. In 2019, this choice resulted in the certification of environmental sustainability and social responsibility according to the criteria and standards of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC).

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