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How can National Forest Funds catalyse the provision of ecosystem services

  • 2021

National Forest Funds (NFFs) are a significant source of funding for the forestry sector. In this paper, we analysed three NFF case studies (Costa Rica, Morocco, and Vietnam) in order to assess, with operational examples, if and to what extent NFFs already operate on Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) or PES-like mechanisms.


National forest funds and Payments for Ecosystem Services in Costa Rica, Morocco and Vietnam.

Sustainable climate investments 2020

  • 2020

The handbook, by ItaSIF with inputs coming from a working group, analyzes the crucial role of sustainable finance in view of achieving climate targets.

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The “Sustainable climate investments” handbook analyzes the crucial role of sustainable finance in view of achieving climate targets, both in terms of integrating sustainability considerations into investment choices, and in financing mitigation and adaptation solutions. Within the handbook, Etifor developed chapter 5.1 related to agriculture and forests. The first part of the chapter

Forest and Wellbeing

  • 2020
  • Forest and Wellbeing
  • Sustainable investments
  • 2020
  • I. Doimo; M. Masiero; P. Gatto

This review gives an overview of existing literature on the emerging topic of human wellbeing-forest. Read the whole abstract.


Bridging Medical and Forest Research for Effective Forest-Based Initiatives

Intermediary organisations in collaborative environmental governance

  • 2020

This study makes an exploratory analysis of the EU-funded LIFE sub-programme for the Environment and its priority area Environment and Resource Efficiency focused on the role of networks and in particular of intermediary organizations by using Social Network Analysis.


An exploratory analysis of the LIFE sub-programme for the Environment by using Social Network Analysis

Deforestation Made in Italy

  • 2020

Download for free the publication “Deforestation Made in Italy”. A report in Italian dedicated to the responsibility of Italian companies and consumers in the deforestation of tropical countries.


This volume presents a summary of the contributions to the workshop "Deforestation made in Italy" held in Padua on 10 December 2019. After framing the issue of deforestation and forest degradation, analyzing the main drivers and impacts, the document presents methodological approaches and preliminary results relating to the estimate of the

SIMRA’s final Policy Brief How can Policy help bring about Social Innovation in Rural Areas?

  • 2020

Forest plantations in Southwestern Europe A comparative trend analysis on investment returns, markets and policies

  • 2019

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