Green Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation

  • 2022

The volume “Green Infrastructure and Climate Change Adaptation” was produced with the aim to illustrate the benefits of this type of infrastructure. Alessandro Leonardi from Etifor has contributed to this publication with an article on how to design an appropriate and cost-effective forest green infrastructure for water payment schemes to protect and improve water quality.

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The term “Green Infrastructure” (GI) has mainly been discussed from an adaptation strategy perspective in cities and urban areas. However, as this volume shows, GI are relevant for rural and suburban areas too, proving many positive benefits. One of the most important characteristics of GIs is their multifunctionality, as they help maintain biodiversity

Technical assistance service for proposals “BioClima” | Webinar

  • 02-03.2022

A webinar, free of charge and in Italian, to allow you to learn more about the aims and criteria of the Lombardy Region’s BioClima call for proposals and the opportunities offered by the assistance service.


ISCRIVITI A webinar, free of charge and in Italian, to allow you to learn more about the aims and criteria of the Lombardy Region's BioClima call for proposals and the opportunities offered by the assistance service. AVAILABLE DATES The event will be repeated on 3 different dates to allow all

Uforest – Training needs’ assessment and stakeholder analysis

  • 2021

Our team worked on the “Uforest Training Needs’ Assessment and Stakeholder Analysis” report. It provides an overview of the existing demand on training needs to promote innovation and entrepreneurship in urban forestry and Nature Based Solutions (NBS).


Urban forests represent an innovative solution, but there are still few specific training opportunity on this subject.

EU Market Outlooks on Green Care

  • 2021

Our team worked on four EU Market Outlooks, one for each Green4C’s project thematic sectors: Forest-based care; Urban green care; Social agriculture; and Green care tourism. The market outlooks investigate and provide market figures and business models associated to the four main Green Care markets. The different outlooks are separate and will be published on the reference page at different times.


Nature for Health, Well-being and Social Inclusion

Non-wood forest products for people, nature and the green economy

  • 2021

This white paper is a call to recognise, and to leverage, the potential of NWFP to contribute to policy priorities in Europe, especially in relation to rural development, nature conservation, and human well-being. It shows how leveraging NWFP potential could contribute to the successful implementation of the European Green Deal, and to a greener and more sustainable post-COVID economy restart.

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Recommendations for policy priorities in Europe. A white paper based on lessons learned from around the Mediterranean.

Forests for Water Services: A Step-by-Step Guide for Payment Schemes

  • 2021

The purpose of “A guide to Forest–Water Management” is to improve the global information base on the protective functions of forests for soil and water. Find out more.

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Guidance on designing appropriate and cost-effective forests for water payment schemes that support tree planting and forest management to protect and improve water quality.

Registrations are open SINCERE Final Conference on incentives for FES

  • 28-29.09.21

The conference combines the findings and experiences from both projects, based on practical lessons learned from designing and implementing innovative mechanisms for enhancing FES provision, on further developing and upscaling these mechanisms and on supporting related policy development.


REGISTER NOW Registrations have opened today for the SINCERE – Nobel Final Conference, which will be held online on 28 and 29 September. This international forum focuses on the incentives for forest ecosystem services (FES) and related mechanisms in Europe, while setting them in a global context, with a keynote from world expert

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