Sustainability and profit. How can they be combined for the development of a more sustainable and green economy?

2 minutes

Organised by UniSMART, “Closing the loop”  is a series of webinars addressing various topics related to the circular economy, from hydrogen to sustainable fashion. This new webinar, to be held on 9 March 2022 at 17:00, will discuss sustainable finance and how to develop businesses that can bring both profit and social and environmental benefits.

The event will involve different realities that work for the promotion of environmental and social progress. Indeed, investing in a better world is not the prerogative of philanthropists or the third sector. On the contrary, this type of investment can be an innovative way to generate profit while promoting good causes. The aim of this webinar is to help participants acquire the necessary tools and know-how to accompany their company’s green transition.

The event is organised by UniSMART – Fondazione Università degli Studi di Padova in collaboration with Unicredit, the banking group partner of the UniSMART Community. UniSMART is the University of Padua’s foundation for the promotion of technology transfer and post-graduate education. This foundation represents a meeting point between university excellence, the business world and private and public stakeholders.

Lucio Brotto, co-founder and Business Development Director of Etifor, will also participate in the webinar. Etifor will be joined by other sustainable finance companies, namely ClimateSeed, INCO, and Leotron.


Wednesday the 9th of March 2022, at  17:00 (CET).

This is an online event.

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