On 15-16 April, the INCREDIBLE project held its Final Conference: Building partnerships for innovation in Mediterranean non-wood forest products (NWFPs) value-chains, to explore and celebrate during 3 sessions the outcomes of the project with a special emphasis on the flagship initiatives and important achievements of each Interregional Innovation Networks (iNets). The session was broadcast open and live on the project website and more than 200 attendees joint the session.

The videos of the sessions and the presentations are already available here, also watch them on Incredible Project YouTube channel or find out more on the official website and on the final brochure.


In 2019 the INCREDIBLE Open Innovation Challenge (OIC) selected the five most innovative ideas with the potential to increase the environmental, economic or social value of Mediterranean non-wood forest products (NWFPs). OIC winners attended the INCREDIBLE business acceleration programme organised by leading forestry and business experts.

After the Final Conference ceremony, participants had the opportunity to learn about the progress, one year later, of the businesses supported by the INCREDIBLE acceleration service in February 2020. Here is a brief summary of updates from some of the companies involved in the acceleration sevice.

How your business has evolved in the last year?

Despite the challenging time faced due to the COVID situation, Nectariss is still in business and we proudly and successfully launched our new product Single-Origin Organic Truffle Oil focused on B2C under the brand NBROSIA. This launching was made through a crowdfunding campaign on the platform Indiegogo and we have received valuable and positive feedback. Now we are still working on improvements in packaging and storytelling to bring the product to stores and increase online salesNbrosia (former Nectariss)

Slow but successfully. Last year we jumped into the market and started the commercialization of some of our products. We are still keep going by small steps, but we are very happy with the evolution during the last yearAROEN (former Aromas del Encinar)

We have continued with the business plan and have gotten some funding to get startedBellota Y Raiz

We start to extract resin and now we start to analyse the different compounds of resinResin extraction from Tunisian pines

Have the experiences made during the AS been useful in the last year?

The experience in AS has been very useful. We have other different points of view and training in areas that were outside our branch of studies, in which we have continued to deepen. Knowing the experience of Italian companies was very enrichingBellota Y Raiz

Absolutely yes, we have leveraged the work done in the AS, especially, in our case, the marketing and storytelling workshops performed with Tommaso that helped us in the creation of the values, messaging, and value proposition of our brand NBROSIANbrosia (former Nectariss)

Yes, of course, it was very important, and we started to think about the distillation unit for resinResin extraction from Tunisian pines

What are the main achievements you have pursued in the last year?

We have started commercialization. A major step for our business!AROEN (former Aromas del Encinar)

“The launching of the first product of NBROSIA Single-Origin Organic Truffle Oils” Nbrosia (former Nectariss)

‘Innovation Networks of Cork, Resins and Edibles in the Mediterranean basin’ (INCREDIBLE) project receives funding from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 programme under grant agreement Nº 774632. INCREDIBLE project aims to build a bi-directional channel to connect science and practice in the production, processing and trade channels of Mediterranean Non-Wood Forest Products, an important natural resource to support sustainable forest management and rural development.