Etifor has joined the SBTN Corporate Engagement Program to contribute to the design of new tools to better address environmental challenges

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Fonte: ANBI

In the last few decades, companies around the world started to be more aware about their impacts on the environment. Whether it was for winning new conscious clients or for a genuine interest in nature, companies began to promote different strategies to reduce and mitigate their impacts. Often, these strategies only addressed carbon emissions, but this was not enough.

Why do we need a nature positive approach?

The exponential growth across a large range of socio-economic and Earth-system trends – called “Great Acceleration” – indicates that there are multiple issues to be addressed, and not only carbon emissions. Among others, these include biodiversity loss, land-use change, tropical deforestation, freshwater use, and more. For this reason, more and more scientists are recognising the need for a more holistic approach to mitigate impacts, one that focuses on the whole Earth-system. 

The nature positive approach, promoted by the Science Based Targets Network (SBTN), provides innovative and more comprehensive targets to mitigate and reduce impacts. Identifying different pressures on the Earth-system, the nature positive framework defines integrated goals to address all of them in an integrated way.

What is the SBTN?

Made of more than 45 organisations, SBTN aims to help create a global economy in which companies can operate within the Earth’s limits, while meeting society’s needs. The network works to provide companies – as well as cities – with guidance on how to restore balance with nature and mitigate impacts. In this sense, SBTN develops measurable and actionable methodologies to support companies in setting science-based targets and achieve sustainability goals. These methods follow a holistic approach, integrating targets across land, biodiversity, freshwater, and ocean, and allowing users to address their full value-chain impacts. In addition, these methods will help users to quantify their contributions on the progress made towards global goals and other commitments on sustainability. 

Why did we decide to join the SBTN?

As Etifor believes that an integrated approach is the best way to meet the urgent need of bending the curve of our global impacts, we have decided to join the SBTN’s Corporate Engagement Program. The aim is to promote the adoption of the nature positive approach for the protection and restoration of water, ocean, land, and biodiversity. In particular, Etifor will work with the SBTN to help develop efforts and targets based on the latest science. Today, SBTN is creating the path to change the normative framework in the private sector, pushing companies and organisations to act now. Etifor wants to be an active part of this process, contributing with its experience and promoting new innovative solutions.

Are you part of a company interested in our method to become nature positive? Find out more and contact us.