LIFE 2021 calls are finally available!

This article aims to make clearer the organization of the new LIFE Programme in order not to get lost and find more easily all the countless Calls for Proposal, given its new structure. For simplicity, we are not going to mention the new Clean Energy Transition line and the Operating Grants dedicated to the non-profit sector as they are not of our interest.

In summary, the new LIFE Programme is structured in two fields and four sub-programs:

  • Environment:
    – Nature and Biodiversity sub-programme
    – Circular Economy and Quality of Life sub-programme
  • Climate Action:
    – Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation sub-programme
    – Clean Energy Transition sub-programme

For a brief summary of all the contents of the sub-programs you can visit CINEA website, the new agency that coordinates LIFE.

For each of these topics, there are three types of projects:

The crossover between the sub-programs and the different types of projects has produced 5 calls for proposals, each with its own internal topics:

You can find all the calls published at this link: for convenience, you can also use the links above to avoid some steps. If, instead, you prefer and know how to use the Funding and Tender Portal, you can find at this link all the selectable calls for each program.

To get design support, make your project innovative and successful, or to request and activate our participation as a partner, please do not hesitate to contact us. To find out more about our approach on Governance of Resources and Natural Areas, visit our page dedicated to the GRAN approach: the management of protected areas and natural resources is a complex subject, so we aim to address it with an interdisciplinary approach, which is able to respond to institutional, technical and economic issues.