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LENSES Project

The Nexus approach stems from the realization that water, energy, agriculture and natural ecosystems exhibit strong interlinkages, and that under a traditional sectoral approach, attempting to achieve resource security independently often endangers sustainability and security in one or more of the other sectors.

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REXUS Project

REXUS is an innovative and experimental project that, through a multitude of approaches, aims to improve the understanding of the Nexus interactions between Water, Energy, Food and Climate (WEFC) as a framework for resource security and sustainable development.

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Forests and springs

The state forests of Lombardy are home to over 100 springs, each of which provides water for different, fundamental uses. What are they, where are they, how much are they worth? This study commissioned by Ersaf tries to answer these questions.

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  • Thailand
  • Department of National Parks of the Royal Thai Government

Communications Strategy Thailand’s REDD+ Programme

This project “Development of a Communication Strategy and Assessing Information and Media Products for Thailand’s REDD+ Programme” support the Department of National Parks of the Royal Thai Government (RTG) in developing its REDD+ Strategy so that it is technically sound and environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as in compliance with World Bank safeguards policies.

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  • FSC Italia

ECOPAY Connect 2020, a network for Natural Capital

The project promotes the conservation of the Natural Capital through the experimentation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in Eastern Lombardy, enhancing the ecological connection of the inland water system Garda-Mino-Oglio.

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SINCERE Horizon 2020

The SINCERE project brings together politics, science and action to generate positive impact on forests and related benefits. Etifor is responsible for one of the Innovative Actions that will be developed to increase the value of the natural capital of forests.

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  • Italy
  • Etifor

Bosco Limite, outdoor nature

Creation of a new forest for groundwater recharging. Etifor designed the payment schemes for the water-services, recreational services for local population, biodiversity and carbon reduction. Find out more on

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Huong Son Nature

Huong Son Nature is the first Vietnamese forest regeneration project that fight climate change, loss of biodiversity and poverty through activities of forest protection, trees planting and development of market for wild forest products. The project originated from the results of the UN GEF (Global Environmental Facility) funded ForCES project powered by the Forest Stewardship Council®.

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  • Veneto Region
  • Etra SpA,
    Coldiretti Veneto,
    Soc. Agr. Agrifloor di Cerantola Paolo &C.,
    Soc. Agr. Moresco Adelia.

Gruppo Operativo Brenta 2020

GO Brenta 2020 is an Innovation Brokering project, financed by Misura 16.1 of the Rural Development Program (RDP) 2014-2020. The “Operational Group” is a network of public and private authorities that collaborate for water conservation of River Brenta.

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