Organized protected areas to access new funding

  • Nature Governance
  • Regione Lombardia - Provincia di Pavia
  • Online
  • 2019-2022

  • Working in Oltrepò was a very positive experience because the local actors were very motivated to get into action in order to enhance the area’s resources. They followed us enthusiastically all the way, and the results are certainly also due to their passion.

    Giulia Amato, Etifor

The problem & the project

The project is a pilot case for applying the Governance of Natural Resources and Areas (GRAN) method. By teaming up on the ground, we unleashed a strong impact in terms of organizing entities and funding for biodiversity. The collaboration started through GRAN will remain a legacy on the territory for better management of natural areas.

The protected areas of Oltrepò Pavese constitute a unique and valuable set of habitats and species to be protected, but as often happens, due to overlapping competencies between entities, management is complicated, and it is difficult to identify priorities for intervention by coordinating actors, and even more challenging to find the funds to implement them.

Our contribution

Gestire 2020
Within the Gestire 2020 project (Action C21) and at the direction of the Lombardy Region, Etifor applied the Governance Resources and Natural Areas (GRAN) approach. Through a year-long participatory process, we arrived at three significant results:

  •  since January 2019, a Governance System for the coordinated management of Natura 2000 Sites in Oltrepò Pavese has been formally established. A special agreement governs the relations between the entities involved, and the Board meets bimonthly to improve planning and coordination of the
    management of the Ecological Network and Natura 2000 Sites in Alto Oltrepò
  • the project has identified and agreed upon priority interventions to be carried out in the areas to conserve biodiversity
  • a financing plan was made to implement the above interventions, and the Oltrenatura project was applied for and financed on the Natural Capital Call of Fondazione Cariplo, which is now in full swing

For the Oltrenatura project, Etifor aims to enhance the ecosystem services the Oltrepò Pavese areas provide through forest certification and private investment. The responsible forest management standard, in addition to ensuring responsible forest management, allows for the certification of ecosystem services of carbon sequestration and storage, biodiversity conservation, water regulation, soil conservation, and recreational services. The project aims to certify the forest areas and protected areas involved, verify the provision of the above ecosystem services, and channel investments from private companies in the area who want to offset their impacts through the MARC approach and the WOWnature portal.