Etifor celebrates its birthday by building a new vision and a more innovative and international image.

In nature, evolution and growth are marked by moments of mutation and metamorphosis. During the last year, Etifor went through a strategic review process which saw the active participation of associates and employees. The aim of this process was to create a more effective vision and mission to respond to the needs of an ever-changing society through a combination of science and creativity.

To do this, first of all, we create our new vision: “Improving the value of nature through science, innovation and ethics”. This vision summarizes and communicates our daily commitment to Nature in an economic, social and environmental approach.

In addition to reviewing our vision and mission, we decided to modify our “Ethical Management System” introducing new dimensions linked to business growth and culture, innovation and the impact of our activities. We decided to do it because, for us, ethics and good governance are fundamental elements of every technical choice and strategic management.


Every good purpose has to be accompanied by a plan. To achieve our vision, we therefore have strategic lines of intervention that then translate into more operational activities:

  • Strengthening – investing in people, in company assets, in our customers and business partners;
  • Growing – by consolidating existing activities, working for territorial and thematic programs, systematically strengthening our international presence;
  • Innovating – through systematic R & D activities, promoting a culture of innovation and widespread entrepreneurship, consolidating our role as a university spin-off within the Agripolis Campus;

To use some quotes and metaphors, we believe that:

“We can no longer waste time doing things we do not want to do” P. Sorrentino
We like to have fun while working and experimenting with our customers. We want to leave behind the old and the superfluous.

“Seek and learn to recognize who and what, in the midst of hell, are not hell, then make them endure, give them space” I. Calvino
We are not for everyone, we like to choose our travel companions, from ethical finance, to environmental certification, we choose the most responsible and innovative realities, helping “good” ideas to grow and develop.

“Beauty will save the world” F.M.Dostoevskij
And finally, in perfect Italian style, we want to promote beauty, understood as the search for the value and complexity of every living being, animal and plant. We want to bring out the most hidden values of nature and communicate them effectively; this is why we felt the need for a new, more dynamic and cosmopolitan “suit” that represents the internationality, professionalism and originality that distinguishes us. The result is before your eyes!

Etifor loghi colorati