Learn how to design effective climate strategies to mitigate companies’ environmental impacts and train on the key issues of the future

etifor masterclass

Etifor has organised a free Masterclass to train professionals interested in the topic of responsible climate strategies. During the Masterclass – consisting of 3 online modules with a limited number of participants – our mentors will guide participants in identifying and evaluating the best climate strategies for companies.

Why participate?

Today, more than 52% of large and medium-sized Italian companies are developing a strategy for sustainable transition, but – as analysis shows – one of the biggest obstacles to achieving sustainability goals is the lack of specific skills. By 2026, Italian companies will need about 4 million workers with high and medium green skills (source: Osservatorio 4Manager, Confindustria). For over 12 years, Etifor has been supporting companies and public bodies in improving their environmental impacts and – as of today – we want to make our skills available to put nature at the centre of decisions.

What will you learn?

At the end of the Masterclass, participants will learn about the best strategies to deal with the climate crisis. The programme starts with the measurement of CO2 emissions and of the impacts on water and biodiversity, continues with their reduction in line with climate science, and ends with the importance of offsetting and improving forest management according to the Forest Stewardship Council® standard (FSC-N001935). You can decide whether to enrol in all 3 modules or just one of them; only those who participate to each module will receive a certificate of attendance for the Masterclass.

Who is the Masterclass adressed to?

The Masterclass is aimed at marketing and communication experts, project managers wishing to specialise in sustainability issues, and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) specialists. But also, Health Safety Environment (HSE) professionals and consultants eager to update their skills.

Information for participants

  • Each module will last 1 hour and will be conducted in interactive e-learning mode.
  • Information on how to connect will be sent on the morning of the course.
  • Registration closes at 11.30 p.m. on the day before the course.
  • The Masterclass will be conducted in Italian, with supporting materials in English.
  • Participants who attend all 3 modules will receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Participants who attend all 3 modules and pass the final test will obtain a badge for their LinkedIn profile and a tree on wownature.eu as a gift (the test will last approximately 10 minutes and is considered passed with 70% of the correct answers).


Map the main trends in carbon neutrality commitments and find the one best suited to your organisation. Discover the carbon market and avoid greenwashing with a simple and scalable approach to emissions management.

Mentor: Valerio Scartezzini, Climate Strategies Specialist at Etifor

Discover the fundamental role of forests and natural areas in climate strategies and how forestation can be an essential part of companies’ commitments. Learn how the positive impacts of environmental projects are measured and certified.

Mentor: Lucio Brotto, Co-Founder & Business Director of Etifor

When we talk about environmental impacts, we often focus only on carbon emissions, but in reality there is much more. Find out how to move from net zero commitments to Nature Positive strategies, including impacts on water and biodiversity.

Mentor: Wesley Snell, Ecosystem Services Specialist at Etifor