Are climate change adaptation, mitigation and biodiversity conservation in European forests two sides of the same coin?

In the framework of the SINCERE Talks, the webinar  will focus climate change adaptation and mitigation and forest biodiversity conservation in the European context. This online event will discuss the links between climate change adaptation, mitigation, and biodiversity conservation. In addition, the best management and conservation approaches to optimise these synergies will be explored. Finally, the webinar will also focus on EU policy implementation and financing instruments that foster these synergies and balance trad-offs.

The webinar will try to foster discussion among researchers, policy experts, forest owners, and international organisations to discuss synergies, potential trade-offs and political incentives. At the end of the discussion there will be some dedicated time to questions and interventions form the audience.

This virtual event is the fourth and final of the SINCERE Talks. SINCERE Talks are a series of webinars organised by SINCERE project’s partners IUCN and the European Forest Institute. The SINCERE project aims to connect research and innovation to integrate the demand for ecosystem services with a sustainable and profitable forest management.


Wednesday, 2nd of March 2022, from 10:30am to 12:30am (CET).

This is an online event.

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