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How Does the General Assembly Work?
Every three years, the FSC international membership comes together to discuss the challenges and solutions of responsible forest management, and the future direction of the organization. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an independent organization whose members are organized into three chambers (environmental, social and economic) that have the same decision-making power.


Etifor and the FSC® International
Since 2015, Etifor is one of the few Italian organizations among the FSC international members and pertains to the economic chamber. The full list of members is publicly available on http://memberportal.fsc.org/. Why did we decide to be part of the FSC family? Because FSC is the most renowned forest certification system in the world, in terms of number of certificates issued and the rigidity of the criteria and certification processes.

Etifor and the FSC® Italia
We are proud to say that the Etifor and FSC Italia teams have been working for years to enhance the Italian forest estate. To learn more about the birth of this partnership, and to know more about the history of the Associazione Italiana per la Gestione Forestale Responsabile we recommend you visit the FSC Italia website.