The forestry workforce in Europe is undergoing significant changes, according to recent reports. Traditional roles like timber harvesting are declining, while challenges such as an aging workforce and gender imbalance persist. However, there’s a growing emphasis on multi-functional forest management and green jobs, challenging old perceptions of the sector.

How are the forestry sector and related jobs transforming? What are the perceptions of Novel Green Forest Jobs  and how do different countries treat them?

The report “Novel Green Jobs in pan-Europe“, written by the FOREST EUROPE Expert Group of Green Jobs, aims to examine the current green jobs landscape, with a specific focus on the new and emerging green jobs in forestry. These are the jobs that are not traditionally associated with forestry and therefore are not reflected in the statistics. However, they are playing a significant role in shaping the sector and can provide valuable insights into the future of forestry job.

The publication summarizes the state of the art in literature reviews, the results from a survey, and a workshop where participants discussed and exchanged knowledge. The main target are policy makers, researchers, and academia/education.

This is preliminary research carried out through workshops and interviews with experts at the international level: a helpful basis for future studies.

Title of the publication
“Novel Green Jobs in pan-Europe” (2024)

Main author
Ilaria Doimo– Etifor | Valuing Nature

Vera Steinberg – FOREST EUROPE
Michal Vančo – National Forest Centre (Slovakia)
Davide Pettenella – University of Padua (Italy)
Dominik Muehlberger – Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald (Austria)
Alois Schuschnigg – Bundesforschungszentrum für Wald (Austria)
S. Serdar Yegül – Yeşil Türkiye (Turkey)
Emilin Joma Da Silva – Thünen Institute (Germany)

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