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IT-FOR: technology in service of the forest

IT-FOR Operative Group aims to promote digitisation in forestry and timber processing enterprises. To this end,, IT-FOR team is working to develop an innovative digital system which will increase these companies’ competitiveness: a web platform that will help enterprises to manage forestry sites and the marketing and traceability of timber.

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The project GreenChainSAW4LIFE  aims at managing local forest in a innovative, sustainable and shared way, for fighting climatic and enviromental risk such as fire, hydrogeological instability, and loss biodiversity and using/use the wood obtained to producer green energy and biomaterials for benefit of the economy local and nature by implementing an integrated local plan for climate, energy and bioeconomy in the Po, Bronda, and Infernotto Valleys.

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Communications Strategy Thailand’s REDD+ Programme

This project “Development of a Communication Strategy and Assessing Information and Media Products for Thailand’s REDD+ Programme” support the Department of National Parks of the Royal Thai Government (RTG) in developing its REDD+ Strategy so that it is technically sound and environmentally and socially sustainable, as well as in compliance with World Bank safeguards policies.

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Promoting the production of legal timber

The DURAFOR-EST project protects the Congo basin forests promoting the trade of legally harvested timber and facilitating investments in the protection of the wildest forests of the country. Legality, good forest management, small businesses, good governance, innovation and market opportunities are among the challenges and issues we face with.

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Biomass heating in respect of nature

The Aria Pulita certification classifies biomass domestic heating systems. Making clearer and more comprehensible the assessment of the environmental performance of stoves, fireplaces and boilers it helps the consumer to make a conscious purchase.

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