Favouring job inclusion through social agriculture in the Province of Belluno

  • Nature Positive
  • Veneto Region
  • Italy
  • 2018

  • Cooperativa Agricola La Fiorita

    Associazione Italiana Persone Down

    Scuola Agraria “Della Lucia”

    Azienda Agricola “El Puner”

    Azienda Agricola di Gianni Slongo

    ULSS 1 Dolomiti

The problem

Research into training and job placement of persons with Down Syndrome realised by CoorDown in 2009 clearly demonstrates the job market’s tendency to underestimate the potential of persons with DS (Down Syndrome) in the workplace. With such contestations still a problem today, the project Working4Work (W4W) was born with the aim of promoting inclusiveness of workers with intellectual disabilities through social agriculture in the Province of Belluno. The project takes on the following three problems:

  • Limited access of workers with intellectual disabilities, specifically persons with DS to work in the agricultural sector;
  • Limited possibilities for companies to create permanent jobs in the agricultural sector;
  • Limited efforts to simplify forms of administration and contribution that can sustain job placements over time.

The solution

The general objective of the project consists in the verification and definition of the conditions necessary for the constitution of a Working Group for Cooperation in Social Agriculture in the province of Belluno. The Group would aim to improve the conditions of access and of permanence of jobs for persons with intellectual disabilities and support farm enterprises that subscribe to the practices of Social Agriculture (SA).

Specific objectives of W4W are summarised as follows:

  • Constitute and manage the W4W project through coordination of meetings with partners, monitoring and evaluation of activities, and preparation of an activity plan for phase 2 of Measure 16.9 of the RDP;
  • Study practices of innovative job placement to support conditions of access and job permanence for persons with intellectual disabilities, with special reference to persons with DS, and knowledge dissemination;
  • Conduct awareness-raising activities including informational meetings in the province of Belluno to expose companies to innovative modalities for job placement and to favour registration of enterprises on the regional list of Social Farms.

Our contribution

Thanks to funding from the Rural Development Programme of the Veneto Region (Measure 16.9.1), it was possible to officially commence the first phase of the project on October 3, 2018 with the signing of the cooperation agreement by the primary partners: the Fiorita agricultural cooperative, the Italian Association for Persons with Down Syndrome (AIPD) Belluno section, farming enterprises El Puner and San Giacomo of Feltre, ULSS n. 1 Dolomiti, and the Antonio Della Lucia Institute for Higher Education.

Following a first Phase of analysis on job placement methodologies, carried out thanks to the technical involvement of the national AIPD network, the W4W team will organise a series of meetings and initiatives aimed to involve the local population.

In particular, the Etifor team will take on the following roles:

  • Conduct a feasibility study to identify the needs of farm enterprises, AIPD, and ULSS to identify the most useful mechanisms required for constitution of a Working Group for Cooperation in Social Agriculture in the province of Belluno.
  • Provide consultation services to raise awareness within the project area.
  • Undertake communication activities for the project, including creation of visual materials and graphic design.

For more information on the project, contact our Project Manager.






Initiative funded by the Veneto Region “Programma di Sviluppo Rurale 2014-2020”  Misura 16.9.1 “Creation and development of practices and networks for the dissemination of social agriculture and educational farms. Body responsible for information: Associazione Italiana Persone Down Onlus Belluno – Managing Authority: Veneto Region – Directorate AdG FEASR Parks and Forests