An international hub that promotes and accelerates businesses with a positive impact on the environment and society

  • Nature Positive
  • European Commission
  • ItalyUnited StatesRomaniaSpainUnited Kingdom
  • 2016-2018

  • A brilliant, innovative and forward-looking idea, started from the active and efficient collaboration between people and organizations. Working with the team is stimulating and rewarding. ECOSTAR in a nutshell? Dynamism and professionalism, a winning combination!

    Sara Pittarello (University of Padova)

  • Fledge Environment, Forest Design, Ecosystem Marketplace, NepCon, Ricardo plc, Transylvania University of Brasov, University Polytechnic of Madrid, University of Manchester.

The problem
ECOSTAR was conceived from our day-to-day experiences: every day we see first-hand the need to strengthen the dialogue between higher education institutions, such as universities, and companies operating in the field of ecosystem services. Interested in filling this gap, the Department of Land, the Environment, Agriculture and Forestry at Padua University, along with ETIFOR, has decided to become promoter of the initiative.


The solution
ECOSTAR is a hub that promotes entrepreneurship and innovation of companies that invest in nature. The initiative has been made possible thanks to the partnership between universities and businesses at European level, and it is co-funded by the EU Erasmus+ Program and by private investors. Through networking and training activities, ECOSTAR links the academic and business worlds and promotes the starting up and acceleration of new entrepreneurial initiatives, which aim at having a positive impact on the environment and society. The initiative consists of the following actions:
Join our international network of innovators, researchers and entrepreneurs working on biodiversity.
Subscribe to online training courses dedicated to ecosystem services and biodiversity.
Let our experts help you in realizing your business idea through the first Nature-Accelerator.


Our contribution
Our role in ECOSTAR is to coordinate research, marketing and communication activities. We work every day to make this project grow because we believe that supporting new companies interested in innovation while respecting nature is fundamental.