An international portfolio of investments in forest areas with positive environmental , social and governance (ESG) impacts

  • Nature Positive
  • Natura7
  • Italy
  • 2017-2019

Forest products and innovative services
Natura7 is the name given to the highly replicable forest investment project proposed at Arnosti Legnami. This project generates income through traditional management of forest products (wood and firewood) together with innovative services (CO2 fixation, water quality improvement, responsible tourism and environmental education), responding to the environmental and social needs of the reduction and abandonment of forest management and creating active management that can reduce hydrogeological disruption and increase biodiversity. In addition, this type of investment satisfies the private investor in:

  • Diversifying its investment portfolio
  • Keeping financials higher than 2% per year
  • Combining good financial return with positive impacts


Our advice
We create an international portfolio of forest investments with investment acquisitions and forest management in Italy. The project generates a financial return from the investment by selling forest products and environmental services.
By evaluating the legality, market potential, silviculture, financial prospects and sustainability of the ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) of individual forest areas, we deal with the management of forests for the clients in terms of planning, harvesting, forest improvements and sale of timber.