An integrated web platform for the development of forestry companies




The problem

In some Italian regions, such as Piedmont and Trentino, companies in the timber sector have managed to improve their organisation by using online portals – such as LegnoPiemonte and LegnoTrentino – dedicated to buying, selling and showing trends in the price of wood. Companies in the Veneto region are therefore at a competitive disadvantage as they do not have a structured online presence and need to undertake a targeted digitisation process that suits their needs.

The solution

IT-FOR Operative Group aims to promote digitisation in forestry and timber processing enterprises. To this end, IT-FOR team is working to develop an innovative digital system which will increase these companies’ competitiveness: a web platform that will help enterprises to manage forestry sites and the marketing and traceability of timber.

Our contribution

Etifor is partner of this project. Our Responsible Management team deal with:

  • analysing companies’ needs;
  • designing the basic structure of the web platform;
  • and the management of data from the timber market.

The IT-FOR Operational Group is an initiative funded under Misura 16, sub-measure 16.1 (Support for the establishment and management of EIP Operational Groups on productivity and sustainability), Intervention 16.1.1 (Establishment and management of EIP Operational Groups on productivity and sustainability in agriculture – PHASE 1, Innovation Brokering) of the Programma di Sviluppo Rurale della Regione del Veneto 2014-2020 (Rural Development Programme of the Veneto Region 2014-2020 or PSR). The project is coordinated by the Consorzio Imprese Forestali del Triveneto (CIFORT) together with: Associazione Italiana Energie-Agroforestali (AIEL) and the University of Padua with the Dipartimento Territorio e Sistemi Agro-Forestali (TESAF) and under the patronage of Confartigianato Veneto.