The ALTERFOR project has the task of reviewing existing forest management models and much more

  • Forests
    Nature Governance
  • European Commission
  • AustriaGermanyItalyLithuaniaNetherlandsPortugalSloveniaSwedenTurkey
  • 2016-2020

  • Photo credits: Giulia Corradini

The ALTERFOR project, funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Program, aims at examining existing forest management models (FMMs) and, in the light of future scenarios, the possibilities to optimize them.

The problem
European forests are called upon to provide a wide range of ecosystem services such as biodiversity, carbon sequestration, water quality, biomass production, and recreational services. However, uncertainties resulting from climate change, the increasing use of bioenergy and the complexity of global markets may require alternative forest management models (FMMs).

The solution
In ALTERFOR, a consortium of researchers and representatives of the public and private sector and of civil society explore alternative forest management models in ten case studies in Europe. Alternative FMMs are designed to provide the desired combination of environmental, economic, social and cultural benefits and to reduce the vulnerability of forest ecosystems. The ten case-studies identified are representative of the different forest management practices and socio-ecological conditions prevalent in Europe.

The consortium of researchers and professionals aims at:

  • providing in-depth knowledge of alternative FMMs and exploring how they ensure the provision of ecosystem services;
  • involving key players in different fields (forest science, nature conservation, renewable energies and water management);
  • facilitating an efficient transfer of knowledge in order to allow the adoption of alternative FMMs.

Our contribution
Etifor is actively involved in the Italian case study, the forests of the Associazione Forestale di Pianura (AFP), located in the province of Venice. Etifor collaborates with the TESAF Department in identifying the legally, technically and economically viable forest management models. Etifor plays a key role in the stakeholder engagement and knowledge transfer.