Four days to discuss and share knowledge on ecosystem services

To build a sustainable future it is crucial to share knowledge, also about ecosystem services and natural capital. The 4th International Ecosystem Services Partnership Latin America and Caribbean Conference focused on this important topic on 6 -10 November 2023 in Chile. This conference was a fundamental opportunity for those who work in the ecosystem services field, especially in Latin America and the Caribbean, to share ecosystem services knowledge and strengthen the regional network. 

This ESP Latin America and Caribbean Conference has been part of the bi-annual cycle of ESP conferences around the globe. As Etifor, we are enthusiastic to be member of the Ecosystem Services Partnership and to have actively participated in this important conference.

  • Location:  Hotel Club La Serena, La Serena, Chile 
  • Date: 6-10 November 2023
  • Languages: English and Spanish
  • Format: Hybrid   

Our contribution

Our experts and ecosystem services consultants Wesley Snella and Maria Alejanda Alizcano Solano presented a session dedicated to the process of financing positive impacts. They focused on the following points:

  • how to build a theory of change
  • how to identify beneficiaries and select appropriate outcome indicators
  • how to attract sponsorships for the maintenance or improvement of ecosystem services.

Framed by the Forest Stewardship Council’s (FSC) Ecosystem Service Procedure, the session provided practical guidance for verifying positive impacts in ways that meet the needs of potential investors and downstream stakeholders. It included an overview of relevant policy and economic frameworks – ESG disclosures – and tools to align project outcome indicators with nature-positive commitments and corporate key performance indicators.