Water, biodiversity and climate change


Perfect if you’re interested in... Climate change, water, biodiversity, landscape, carbon, ecosystem services, natural capital, socio-economic assessment, standards, payments for ecosystem services, REDD projects Policies, strategies and payments for ecosystem service We support owners and managers of natural areas in the analysis and evaluation of ecosystems and environmental services, the defining of innovative

Conservation of nature


Perfect if you’re interested in… Positive impacts, corporate social and environmental responsibility, CO2 compensation, increase of biodiversity, water quality, tree planting, emission free, carbon footprint, product’s LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), green marketing, green branding, green labelling, climate finance, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), circular economy Improve the reputation by creating positive impacts on the

Responsible trade and supply chain


Perfect if you’re interested in… Wood, pulp and paper, bioenergy and biomass, responsible management, legality, certification, bioeconomy, zero deforestation, risk management Analysis, strategies and solutions from the forest to the products As we identify identify the risk factors threatening forests, we do the same for the competitiveness and reputation of our/other businesses and

Timberland and ecosystem services


Perfect if you’re interested in… Timberland investments, impact investing, sustainable and responsible investments, sustainability, responsible finance, marketplace, real asset, investment portfolio diversification, profit, wood, climate, new markets for environmental services, due diligence, pension funds, insurance, family office, certification Diversifying and innovating the financial portfolio with long-term investments We support private and institutional investors

Wild forest products

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Perfect if you’re interested in… Mushrooms, truffles, herbs, honey, cork, pine nuts, resin, natural oils and fats, production, marketing, promotion, networking, bioeconomy Marketing strategies for wild forest products  We support owners and managers of forest areas and processing companies in giving value to wild forest products: we value their potential and we optimize

Sustainable tourism


Perfect if you are interested in... Destination management, destination marketing, destination start-ups, innovative tourist products, green hospitality Territorial planning and animation Turning the results we get from our research into real social innovation and sustainable tourism. We carry out management and development plans for tourist destinations using participatory methods, with attention to the

Business accelerator

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Perfect if you're interested in... Acceleration, incubation, social innovation, start-ups, financing, trade, transformation, marketing, industry 4.0, positive impacts, circular economy, bioeconomy, biodiversity Developing innovative business ideas for nature In partnership with local and international entities, we encourage the creation and acceleration of businesses operating in the natural resources sector. We select and support

Zero deforestation


Perfect if you're interested in... Soya, palm oil, coffee, cocoa, leather, livestock, agricultural products, responsible management, traceability, legality, policies, commitments, positive impacts Solutions against deforestation We analyze the supply chains of agricultural commodities and other products that can create risk and negative impacts on forests as well as on the sustainability and reputation

Local development

Participatory approaches and good governance to improve rural areas and develop tourist destinations.