Sustainable investments

Support to the realization of forest investments

  • 2018 2020


  • 2018

WOWnature is the result of Etifor's commitment to research and development of sustainable projects capable of restoring the balance between man and natural systems. Through the portal you can choose which species to plant and where, contributing not only to the earth, but to the entire process of growth of the plant.

Padova O2

  • 2018

The City of Padua has undertaken, in collaboration with Etifor, a path to bring back the green in the city: 10,000 new trees to restore biodiversity. The Padova O2 project is developed in 3 phases and it allows citizens and businesses to choose their own trees and areas of the city in which they intend

Treviso Airport

  • 2018 2019

Consulting for the conversion of industrial areas into green areas to create positive impacts on the environment.

CreditAgricole OglioSud

  • 2018 2019

Environmental improvement project through the planting of 2000 new trees within the area of the Regional Park Oglio Sud


  • 2018
  • Local development, Sustainable investments
  • Italy
  • Veneto Region
  • Cooperativa Agricola La Fiorita

    Associazione Italiana Persone Down

    Scuola Agraria “Della Lucia”

    Azienda Agricola “El Puner”

    Azienda Agricola di Gianni Slongo

    ULSS 1 Dolomiti

The Working4Work project was born from the observation of the limits that still exist today with regard to the employment of people with intellectual disabilities, and its aim is promoting inclusiveness of workers with intellectual disabilities through social agriculture in the Province of Belluno.

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Favouring job inclusion through social agriculture in the Province of Belluno


  • 2018

Etifor team proposed and won two different POR-FESR calls and thanks to the contribution of the Veneto Region, the ECOSTAR project was able to involve more than 15,000 users, online and offline, creating new opportunities inside and outside our region.

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New innovative routes for the acceleration and transformation of business in the multifunctional centre of Agripolis, financed by the Veneto Region.

ECOPAY Connect 2020, a network for Natural Capital

  • 2018 2020

The project promotes the conservation of the Natural Capital through the experimentation of Payments for Environmental Services (PES) in Eastern Lombardy, enhancing the ecological connection of the inland water system Garda-Mino-Oglio.

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Promote the conservation of protected areas through the experimentation of Payments for Ecosystem Services

Analysis of ESG Impacts

  • 2013 2015

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