3 days of working tables and learning in the woods to outline 2024 activities

The LIFE ClimatePositive project is moving full steam ahead, with a crucial in-person moment among all partners hosted by CREA at its Arezzo headquarters March 13-15, 2024. In three intense days, we outlined the direction for the next year of work through discussion tables and field trips, strengthening networking and visiting significant realities for Italian forest management.


The project starts with a detailed study of the state of the art of forest associationism in Italy and Europe. This serves as the basis for the subsequent development of a toolkit for SMART and digital associations, capable of supporting the spread of forest associationism and improving associations’ skills and management capacity. In parallel, specific training activities are conducted in the area.


The project involves defining a national methodology for measuring and monitoring carbon sequestration in forestry projects while supporting the creation of a National Forest Carbon Code to regulate the voluntary carbon market in Italy in line with European regulations.

Innovative silvicultural interventions are planned to be carried out in pilot areas within the 5 association realities in Veneto, Tuscany, Lombardy, Piedmont, and Molise to test the carbon calculation and monitoring methodology and identify the best practices of climate—and biodiversity-conscious forest management.

Visit to Bosco Cinque Querce: Northeast of Siena, this forest has been revived after years of neglect and is one of the pilot sites of forest management activities for climate change mitigation and biodiversity conservation. Of note is the newly established food forest, which was established in collaboration with WOWNature.

Visit the Experimental Arboretum of Vallombrosa (FI), a place rich in history and a reference point for forestry science in Italy. Its triple objective is to conserve tree biodiversity, develop research, and promote scientific dissemination for educational purposes.

What does 2024 have in store for us?

  • Summary of the Report on Forest Associationism. This is an interesting and unique document that provides a broad overview of the state of Italian forest associations.
  • SMART Association Toolkit: an online platform with innovative tools for starting and managing association forms in the forestry sector.
  • Carbon Monitoring Tool: an advanced tool to estimate carbon and other ecosystem services in our pilot areas.