Registrations have opened today for the SINCERE – Nobel Final Conference, which will be held online on 28 and 29 September.

This international forum focuses on the incentives for forest ecosystem services (FES) and related mechanisms in Europe, while setting them in a global context, with a keynote from world expert Michael Jenkins, President and CEO of Forest Trends, Canada.

The conference combines the findings and experiences from both projects, based on practical lessons learned from designing and implementing innovative mechanisms for enhancing FES provision, on further developing and upscaling these mechanisms and on supporting related policy development.

Three closely interlinked sessions discuss FES from different, complementary perspectives.

  • Session 1 focuses on the scientific knowledge and findings from both projects, providing the conceptual and research-based foundations for creating innovative mechanisms for FES provision.
  • Session 2 concentrates on practical learning and experiences from the planning, design and implementation of 16 innovation action cases.
  • Session 3 focuses on the development of a business case for enhancing FES provision.

The conference is organised jointly by two European-wide research and innovation projects, SINCERE and NOBEL which are funded through the European Union’s H2020 programme.


28-29, September 2021 | Full programme


SINCERE receives 4 million euro funding from the European Union’s H2020 research and innovation programme through the RUR-05-2017 call, novel public policies, business models and mechanisms for the sustainable supply of and payment for forest ecosystem services.