11th Ed.- Abitare il cambiamento| Inhabiting the change

Since 2013, il Salone della CSR  has been the most crucial event in Italy for Corporate Social Responsibility issues (CSR from Corporate Social Responsibility). It is an awaited appointment for the sustainability sector, and it is considered the most essential venture dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility and social innovation. Thanks to an articulated cultural program characterised by an interdisciplinary approach, the event offers businesses and other organisations moments of analysis and updating about strategies and tools for sustainability.

From 4-6 October, we participated in the 11th Salone CSR, titled “Abitare il cambiamento” (Inhabiting Change) as a technical partner. A transformation of lifestyles and how organizations are run is underway to meet the need for greater social and environmental engagement. It is necessary to build a new compass of values, believe in innovation, and value the role everyone plays in sustainable development.

Our partnership revolved around the Premio Impatto (Impact Award), whose objectives are to bring attention to measuring and evaluating the generated impact and reward those entities capable of measuring the economic, social and environmental value created by sustainability projects and initiatives. 

We are happy to have contributed to its realization by donating to Jointly – Il Welfare Condiviso and AIL BOLOGNA ODV, two entities that received special mention, the adoption of a tree and the protection of 500 square meters of forest as part of the BioClima initiative thanks to WOW Nature. 

For this edition of the Salone, as well as being technical partners, we were experts in two panels. On October 5, Federica Bosco, Tourism Project Manager, was among the speakers on the panel “Tourism, Businesses, Territory,” where she talked about Etifor’s daily work alongside operators and destinations to achieve sustainable tourism according to GSTC standards, where the territory is not at the service of tourism. Still, tourism puts itself to the benefit of the territory. Learn about our services for the tourism system.

On October 6, Etifor co-founder Lucio Brotto spoke on the panel “La tutela del paesaggio: un impegno per tutti” (Landscape protection: a commitment for all). The climate crisis brings significant changes and risks for the landscape, which, besides being something to “enjoy,” guarantees biodiversity and human well-being. Protecting the landscape and managing it properly, therefore, proves crucial for businesses and the entire community. Also present at the panel were companies Acque Bresciane and Cecchetto Winery, who demonstrated how vital their role is in protecting the landscape through concrete examples and best practices. Discover our services for businesses and investors.