Enable better forest management in Molise

On 20 December LIFE ClimatePositive will move to Molise, at the Municipality of Castel del Giudice, a member of the Mountain Forests Association of the Central Apennines and a pilot area for the application of sustainable forest management interventions aimed at increasing carbon sequestration capacity and biodiversity.

An entire training day aimed at agronomists and forestry technicians to learn more about the potential of FSC certification for forest management, the procedure for verifying ecosystem services, and field test a methodology for calculating carbon and ecosystem services preparatory to future recognition of carbon credits within the national voluntary market.
Participants will have the opportunity to discuss the application of the protocol developed within the LIFE ClimatePositive project in the presence of researchers from CREA Forestry and Wood and Policy and Bioeconomy.

The event will be held in Italian. 

The project

The European LIFE ClimatePositive project aims to respond to the problems of land fragmentation and abandonment affecting the forestry sector in Italy, which further aggravated the effects of the climate crisis. The project aims to promote and improve the management of Italian forests by promoting associations and the primary forest certification mechanisms, facilitating smallholders’ access to different financing forms and contributing to the European climate change adaptation and mitigation objectives.

Planned activities include training days for forestry technicians aimed at enhancing skills on how to certify, calculate and monitor ecosystem services (with a focus on carbon and biodiversity) as a tool to ensure quality forest management over time.

For information: lifeclimatepositive@etifor.com