Toward a paradigm shift in water resource management

2 minutes

Water is a fundamental element for human life, the well-being of local communities and the preservation of ecosystems. In an era marked by climate crisis, responsible management of natural resources is crucial for the adaptation and survival of future generations.

The event “Water Governance in a Changing Climate” addresses innovative experiences in the Italian water sector and offers a cutting-edge view of the role of the Ambito territoriale ottimale (ATO) and water utilities. This initiative sends a solid signal to national institutions on the importance of disseminating the best practices already implemented. The goal is to foster a paradigm shift in water resource management, made increasingly urgent and indispensable by the climate crisis.

Promoted by Etra and Etifor and organized by the G.E. Ghirardi ONLUS Foundation, the event is part of the final actions of the LIFE Brenta 2030 project. This project, co-funded by the European Commission, was made possible thanks to the collaboration of several partners, including Etra, Etifor, the Brenta Basin Council, the Municipality of Carmignano di Brenta, Veneto Acque, the University of Padua and Veneto Agricoltura. Thanks are also due to the 15 Middle Brenta riparian municipalities contributing financially to the activities.

The event is free, but places are limited. 

The application for participation does not guarantee the possibility of participating in the event; the organizers will communicate confirmation by May 1.

For more details and to apply for participation, please visit the event on Eventbrite.