The “Sustainable climate investments” handbook analyzes the crucial role of sustainable finance in view of achieving climate targets, both in terms of integrating sustainability considerations into investment choices, and in financing mitigation and adaptation solutions.

Within the handbook, Etifor developed chapter 5.1 related to agriculture and forests. The first part of the chapter describes the deep interconnection between agriculture and forests and their complex relation with climate. On the one hand, the mitigation actions associated with these two sectors represent effective and strategic solutions to tackle the climate crisis (it is estimated that 29% of the CO2 released every year by human activities is absorbed by forests and other terrestrial ecosystems) but, on the other hand, the agriculture and forestry sector is today one of the main contributors of GHG emissions, with an estimated 24% of total emissions from human activities. The second part of the chapter highlights the investment opportunities related to these sectors in terms of climate change mitigation and adaptation, presenting a guideline for investors and an overview of the main support tools and certifications available.

The handbook was prepared by ItaSIF with inputs coming from a working group organised in collaboration with WWF and with the support of BPER Banca, Etica Sgr, Natixis Investment Managers and UBS Asset Management.

Sustainable climate investments


The handbook was prepared by ItaSIF with inputs coming from a working group

Etifor wrote the Chapter 5.1. “Farming and forests”